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At the DiMera mansion, Kate apologizes to Stefano’s portrait, knowing his grandson was so precious to him. Kate wishes Stefano could bring Theo back to them. She downs a drink. Lucas walks in. “Got one of those for me?” Kate hugs her son, glad to see him. She was worried and lets him know Will is alive. Lucas shares seeing his son and tells his mom about the kidnapping. Kate’s jaw drops open and she yells in outrage. They talk about Lucas’ drinking and Kate urges him to go back to AA. He won’t. She goes off on him and brings up Theo. Lucas asks what’s wrong with Theo. Kate explains that if he hadn’t been on a bender he’d know. She tells him the story and blames herself. She asks Lucas to move in.

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At the hospital, Kayla and Steve wish they could have attended the vigil for Theo. Steve shares that Tripp has feelings for Claire and how he tried not to give him too much advice about it since the situation is difficult. Kayla thinks Steve has proved himself to be an amazing father. Steve’s grateful but worried because Tripp is upset with Kate for some reason.

At the square, Tripp hugs Claire who cries over Theo. Ciara drives up on a motorcycle. Claire runs to her with a hug but Ciara doesn’t hug back. When asked about the bike, Ciara tells them it’s her father’s and then accuses Claire of cheating on Theo. Claire explains the candlelight vigil. Ciara calls it stupid. Episode # 13236Claire loves Theo and was trying to do something nice. Ciara yells that she loves Theo too but that’s not going to wake him up. Claire asks why she’s so angry. Ciara reminds her that she screwed her over by selfishly hiding that love letter Ciara wrote Theo. Maybe if he had read it, this wouldn’t have happened. Claire says Theo did read the letter. Tripp steps in and yells that the shooting is not Claire’s fault. “Missing my chance with him, had everything to do with you,” Ciara says, seething. She plans on making Claire pay. Ciara’s done with being friends with selfish people. She takes off on the bike.

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Hope sits at the pub and goes over Rafe giving her ring back.Episode # 13227 She’s tempted to call. Shawn and Belle appear. Hope rushes to them with arms open. She had no idea they were coming. They share a group hug and she asks about Ciara. Shawn’s sorry. They went to see Theo but weren’t allowed to visit. Ciara took off, upset. Hope admits Ciara’s been pulling away from her as well. She’s been withdrawn and distant. Belle and Shawn are sorry. They think it’ll be good for her to be home to be with family and friends. Rafe, too, who has been the only father she’s had since Bo passed. Hope frowns and shares the break-up news. They’re surprised and hope they can work things out. They leave and Ciara arrives. Hope is ecstatic. She notices Ciara’s got a leather jacket and helmet on. Ciara tells her it’s Dad’s. She took his motorbike out of the garage. Hope snags the helmet and says she can’t use it. Ciara gets defiant. Hope calls it dangerous and reminds Ciara that her cousin David died on a motorbike accident. Hope demands the keys. Ciara wants to talk to Rafe about it and asks where he is. Hope skirts the question. They disagree over whether Bo would allow her to ride it. Riding it makes Ciara feel connected to him. When she rides she doesn’t feel like a doormat. She hands the keys over and stomps off.

At Sami’s room at Salem Inn, Sami almost kisses Rafe but she pulls away. Rafe’s there for her and is sorry she’s hurting. Sami wishes things were better for him, too. Rafe’s hurt but now knows Hope never would have married him. He and Sami kiss and things get passionate very quickly and the clothes come off. They wind up making love in Sami’s bed. Afterward, they snuggle and they talk about how much the kids miss Rafe and how he misses them. Sami brings up Hope and tells him to fight for her. “You two are good together.” Rafe thought so too. Rafe considers going home but if he does, Gabi will have questions. Sami asks him to stay.

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Back at the loft, Tripp and Claire discuss Ciara. Tripp takes a call from Steve who wants to discuss Kate DiMera. Tripp flashes to Kate taking Theo’s phone and deleting the voicemail and asks to talk tomorrow. They disconnect. Shawn and Belle turn up. Introductions are made and Tripp makes himself scarce. There are hugs and then Claire tells them about her falling out with Ciara.

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