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At SPD, Hope is hurt that Rafe agreed to become police commissioner. “I can’t believe it. You took my job.” Rafe says it’s only for the interim. Abe could have picked someone who didn’t have JJ’s back. Hope doesn’t get why she’s still fired and learns Abe doesn’t think Hope can be impartial. Hope asks if Abe thinks he can be impartial. Rafe vows as soon as the investigation is over, she’ll get her job back. Hope gets angrier. Rafe has second guessed her decisions since she was made commish. Though he denies it, she thinks his ego took a hit when she was hired. She assumes he thinks he can do the job better than her. “Maybe I do,” he admits. But if “this stupid job is going to come between us, I won’t take it,” he tells her. Hope says it has. Rafe loves her. He doesn’t know what else to do. Hope hands over the case files which he hasn’t read since he was “out of town without permission or notice with his ex-wife.” Rafe’s exasperated since his trip meant they learned Will is alive. They argue and Rafe brings up the fact that they’re not married yet. Maybe she doesn’t want to get married. She agrees. Maybe she doesn’t.

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Episode # 13224Abigail walks into the DiMera mansion lounge and hears Kate’s surprise over Chad’s decision to kick Andre out of the house. Chad yells that Andre conned Theo into doing his dirty work. Chad will never forgive Andre. He then turns to Abigail and lashes out at her for her brother shooting Theo. Abigail doesn’t want Andre to leave. She defends him and Chad leaves the room. Abs follows and Andre shares his hurt with Kate. Kate cries. She believes him and knows he’s not guilty because she is.

Will finds a drunken Lucas asleep at the Horton Square. Lucas awakens and shakes his head, thinking Will’s a ghost. Will recognizes him from the photos. “Oh my God I know you. You’re my father,” he says with surprise. Lucas says, “And you’re my dead son.” Will can see Lucas is drunk. Lucas sobs for Will to leave him alone. Will touches Lucas and Lucas realizes Will is alive. Will smiles. Lucas hugs him and thanks God for the miracle. Will says everyone’s worried about him and lets him know that he has amnesia.

At the townhouse, Marlena tells John that Lucas has been on a bender and still doesn’t know Will is alive. John’s appalled. Marlena hoped Will would remember something by now. They assume Sami has some trick up her sleeve. Marlena calls her.

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At Ben’s old apartment, he’s tied up and bound. Episode # 13223“I’ve waited to look this sack of human waste in the eye.” Ben tells Sami that Will is alive. Sami knows. She’s seen him. Ben grovels. Sami calls him a worm. She slaps him and tells him he’s going to bring her son back to her. Sami takes Marlena’s call and promises her mom that she won’t do anything dangerous. She asks for time alone tonight. She lies that she’ll leave things “in God’s hands” and disconnects. Sami sends her goons out and pulls a gun on Ben. Later, Sami has detailed what he’ll do for her. He doesn’t think he can do that. She says to think of it as redemption for those he has murdered. She explains that Will has amnesia and Ben can give that back to him. Ben agrees to her plan.

Back at the square, Sami’s goons walk up in masks and clobber Lucas and kidnap Will. Chloe appears later and Lucas comes to. He tells Chloe someone took Will. Chloe thinks he’s just drunk so he runs off to find his son.Episode # 13224

Back at the townhouse, Marlena and John continue to discuss Will’s amnesia. John says even if their grandson doesn’t remember, he can carve out a great life for himself. John kisses Marlena deeply. They read one of her new books that claims the possibility that doctors could reenact the trauma that the patient went through in order to bring back his memory. Marlena doesn’t remember opening it…

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Will wakes up at Ben’s apartment in the dark. Sami is hidden and Ben appears with a red necktie. Will asks who he is, apprehensive. Ben introduces himself and moves toward Will, menacingly. Episode # 13224He starts to strangle Will and when Will falls to the floor and flashes to Ben strangling him the first time. Sami watches, gun in hand, crying.

Lucas arrives at the townhouse and yells to Marlena that Will has been kidnapped.

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