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At Salem Police Station, Hope takes off her badge. Rafe pokes his head in her office. “Hey Boss,” he says. He begins to discuss Theo’s case until she stops him and tells him Abe fired her and the reason behind it. Rafe’s indignant for her and wants to talk to Abe. Hope tries to stop him to no avail.

In Kayla’s office at the hospital, Kayla reports on some new tests they’ll run to map Theo’s brain. She asks Abe to go home and rest but he’s not interested. Kayla comforts Abe and leaves as Rafe approaches. He asks after Theo and then brings up Abe firing Hope. When Rafe questions his dismissal, Abe gets his back up. Rafe tries to explain away JJ’s behavior of visiting Theo but Abe doesn’t care. Rafe thinks what he’s doing is basically corrupt. He asks Abe to let Internal Affairs handle it. They’ll make sure JJ answers for whatever he handled improperly. Abe decides to do it Rafe’s way.

At the Martin House, JJ breaks up with Lani, stating that she needs to ensure her brother and father come first right now. Lani cries and asks for how long. JJ’s unsure. Lani wants a say in this. JJ tears up as he says goodbye.

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Andre finds Chad in the DiMera lounge. Andre asks how Sonny’s doing. Chad calls it rough for him since Will doesn’t remember their life together. Chad again asks if Andre had anything to do with Theo breaking into that warehouse. Andre resents the insinuation and denies having anything to do with it. They argue until Eli arrives to talk about the investigation into Theo’s case. He asks why Andre left a few voicemails, and wants to know why Andre left one where he asked Theo to help him because their family business is under attack. Eli wants answers but Andre has none. Eli will be back once they’ve done more investigating.

Will comes across Kate at the park and hands her a tissue. She gasps and says, “My sweet angel.” He tells her his mother taught him to be kind to strangers. “That doesn’t sound like your mom to me,” she remarks. He realizes they know each other. Episode # 13223She tells him she’s his grandmother and hugs him, then apologizes. She introduces herself as his father’s mother. Will hasn’t met Lucas yet. Kate explains his relapse with alcohol. Will feels bad. She tells him some backstory. He can tell she’s worried for him. She cries that he could end up dead if he doesn’t get help. She shows him photos of him with his dad as a kid. Will recognizes him from a photo Sami showed him. He’s surprised to learn his first Christmas with his dad was when Will was three. Kate’s hesitant to explain that Sami wasn’t honest about his paternity. She thinks he should speak with Sami about it. Will wonders if his mom was right – that Sami’s a monster. Kate says that Sami has grown up and changed a lot. Kate envies Will that he can focus on the now and not past mistakes. He asks if she has mistakes she’d like to forget. She says, ‘hell yeah’ and laughs, but won’t discuss it, stating that he needs to focus on himself. She gives him her number and tells him she loves him.

At Marlena’s townhouse, Sami barks orders at someone on a call, and tells them her son’s life depends on it, just as Eric appears. He questions what she’s up to.Episode # 13223 Sami can’t be patient and wait for Will to remember who he is and all the love that he has. Eric’s concerned that if she pushes too hard…”That I’m gonna alienate him even more?” She’ll risk it – sacrifice anything for their happiness. Eric begs her to be careful.

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Lucas drinks from a bottle at the square. He thinks his grandparents would be disappointed in him. He cries and feels sorry for himself. There’s nothing to live for anymore. He falls asleep clutching the bottle. Will comes across him and grabs his bottle. Lucas wakes up.

Eli visits Abe at the hospital. He tells him about Andre’s voicemails.

Rafe returns to SPD with good news that JJ’s not being fired, but that Abe won’t retract his decision to fire her. Hope’s glad for JJ. Rafe looks pale as he confides that he’s her replacement as commissioner.

Kate returns home and learns that Chad just kicked Andre out.

Sami’s goons open the door to Ben’s old apartment. They’ve Ben bound and gagged. She’s hopeful he’ll be able to bring her son back.Episode # 13223

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