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Sonny stops Sami at the square. She knows she was too rough on Paul. Sonny agrees but understands where she was coming from. They sit and bond over talk of wishing for Will to be alive but forgetting to include ‘and that he remembers me’ in their wish. They snuggle.

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At Marlena’s townhouse, Arianna is quiet with Will. He knows she doesn’t remember him. As soon as he saw her, he felt “really happy inside.” Arianna runs to his arms. She missed her daddy. Episode # 13222She shows him a picture she drew of the family. Marlena looks worried since Will doesn’t remember anything yet. Gabi and Ari leave and Will tears up, upset for Arianna. Susan shouldn’t have done this to them. Marlena agrees – she shouldn’t have done this to Will, either. Will asks his grandma to help. Marlena wants to run a battery of tests and suggests hypnosis. Will asks her to do hypnosis now so she complies. He sees a plush turkey that Marlena has on the table, which reminds him of a paper turkey on a table. Marlena suggests it’s from Thanksgiving. Will sees a white-haired man and woman. The man carves the turkey and gives a boy the wishbone.  Marlena asks, “Are they calling him Johnny?” Will says, “Not that I can tell.” His mother is on his other side. Marlena brings him out of hypnosis and he’s frustrated. He goes for a walk.

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Hope visits Claire at the loft. They discuss the device Theo had to override security codes. Tripp knows Theo was a tech geek but neither him nor Claire can see Theo breaking into the warehouse.

Episode # 13222Kate paces the DiMera mansion and then tells Stefano’s portrait not to look at her like that. She didn’t mean for Theo to be shot. She feels guilty enough. Chad walks in with news. Will is alive. Kate’s in shock, but thrilled. Chad tells her the whole story surrounding his amnesia. Kate’s exasperated. She wants to see Susan but Chad says it’s pointless. “Does Lucas know?” Chad says no and asks her to wait so Will doesn’t have to deal with a drunk father. Kate won’t descend on Will. First, she wants to be alone. She’ll see Theo first.

Abe and Lani catch JJ at Theo’s bedside. Abe yells to get away from his son, thinking JJ wanted to finish what he started. JJ explains he needed to apologize. Kayla takes everyone outside. Abe asks JJ to stay away from Theo and asks Lani to never have anything to do with JJ again. Since Kayla has no news, he calls Hope to ask her to meet him at the hospital. Claire runs after her and they bump into Steve who is on his way in. Steve wants to know how his son’s doing. He knows kids feel invincible and it’s harder on them to see their friends physically hurt. Tripp’s upset about Theo but also about something Kate did. Steve offers to listen. Tripp tells his dad about Kate stealing Theo’s phone and deleting her voicemails from it before handing it over to the police. Tripp asks what’s wrong with Kate. Steve says, “She was born on a power trip.” Steve says Kate knows that Tripp’s the one who donated Ava’s money to the hospital. Kayla’s not going to say anything so Steve tells his son not to worry.

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Gabi and Ari see Sami and Sonny in the square. Ari’s a little upset and confused after her visit with her dad. Sami will help. She takes the kid off while Sonny and Gabi commiserate, wondering who can break through to Will if Arianna can’t.

JJ returns to his room at Martin House. Lani arrives. They profess their love for one another then JJ tells her he can’t see her anymore.

Hope and Claire arrive at the hospital. Abe asks Claire to talk to Theo and takes Hope to the hub. Claire tells Theo about all the texts from people asking how he is. Meanwhile, Abe fills Hope in on finding JJ at Theo’s bedside. He wants her to fire him. Hope refuses so he fires her. “Go clean out your office,” he states. Episode # 13222Later, Kayla walks in on Claire playing a song she wrote for Theo. Kate watches Claire hold Theo’s hand and then later, visits Theo alone. Kate wishes she was in that bed. She cries and tells him she loves him.

Sami shows up and is upset to learn that there has been no change. Marlena leaves and Sami reads one of Marlena’s books on amnesia, then calls somebody to offer them a job.

Will stops by the square and looks at the plaque of Tom and Alice Horton. He walks to the park where Kate’s crying. He hands her a hanky and she glances at him, staggered.

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