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JJ visits Theo at the hospital and apologizes for shooting him. When Theo awakens, he pulls a gun from his bedding and shoots JJ. JJ wakes up with a start in bed at Horton House. He dresses and calls Lani but she ignores the call. Gabi arrives to see how he is. JJ may never be okay again. They hug. JJ needs to apologize to Theo and wonders if he’ll ever wake up. Gabi mentions it being Thanksgiving but JJ has nothing to be grateful for. Gabi tells him Will is alive. She apprises him of what went down in Memphis suggests he go with her to say hello to Will. JJ’s amazed Will is alive but isn’t in a good place. When Gabi leaves, JJ has a meltdown and then takes off.

At the hospital, Abe and Lani sit with Theo. Later, Eli visits Lani. Episode # 13221He’s sorry for what happened and says his mom keeps going over the surgery, wondering what she might have done wrong. Lani knows Val did everything she could. Theo’s stroke was something likely to occur.

Abigail hugs Chad at the DiMera house, knowing he’s worried about Theo. She tells him Will is alive and in Salem but that he has amnesia. Chad does some stammering and they head to see him.

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From Marlena’s townhouse, Will calls Roger to let Susan know he’s thinking of her. He disconnects and then tells Marlena he still doesn’t recall his past. Marlena asks him to be patient with himself. She promises not to drag him to a large Thanksgiving gathering which would be difficult on him. Episode # 13222Sami arrives, excited to be with Will. He asks why she’s there. She asks, “Where else would I be? I’m your mother.” Not as far as Will is concerned. Sami wants to have a big celebration but Marlena points out it’d be too overwhelming. Sami agrees to something low key and pulls out a turkey that Will made as a kid. He thinks it looks like a duck but doesn’t remember it. Sami pressures him and makes disparaging remarks about Susan until Will tells her to shut up. He apologizes and then Sami apologizes. She owes Susan for bringing him back to her. She tells him she loves him and turns to go, crying. Marlena stops her. She hates that her daughter is in pain but she has to be patient. Sami leaves and grouches that she won’t lose her son again. Back inside, Marlena wants to cook Will’s favorite dish for breakfast and is surprised that he now prefers French toast to a Denver omelet. She goes to the kitchen as Chad and Abby arrive. Chad hugs Will in his excitement. Will smiles but doesn’t know them. Chad kisses his head and says they’re best friends and that Abby’s his cousin. They go in and tell Will stories and Marlena appears with breakfast. She made both his new favorite and his old. Will’s having so much fun, he asks Chabby to stay. They dine and nobody minds Marlena’s cooking.

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Sami and Roman find Abe with Theo at the hospital. In tears, Sami hugs Abe. They’re both so sorry. In another room, Lani cries. If it was her, not JJ in the square that night, she could have been the one to shoot her brother. Eli says he and Rafe are on the case and they’ll find out what happened. She needs to give a statement but Lani saw nothing. Back in Theo’s room, Roman takes a call from Caroline while Sami offers Abe help. She feels guilty that her child is back while…Abe tells her not to think that. Sami goes and Roman takes Abe to the cafeteria. JJ arrives and slips into Theo’s room. He apologizes profusely and wishes they could trade places. Abe and Lani return and Abe screams at JJ.

Abigail and Chad walk through the square, grateful for each other and Will this Thanksgiving. Chad wants to see Theo but Abigail wants to drop by JJ’s. Chad doesn’t want to. He finds JJ a hothead and thinks this is his fault. Abigail thinks JJ needs their support not accusations. They agree to disagree. Sami approaches and is upset that they had breakfast with Will when he couldn’t wait to get rid of her. They question her and she admits Susan poisoned Will against her.

Gabi and Ari arrive at the townhouse. Marlena takes Ari to get a bandage. Will appears and Gabi cries and hugs him, then apologizes. He tells her it’s fine if she wants to hug him. Lots of strangers have, lately. It hurts him to see their disappointment over his amnesia. Gabi says it doesn’t matter if he remembers. They love him anyway. He enjoys a story about Ari just as she and Marlena return.

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