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In the hospital in Memphis, Marlena tells John Sami’s back at Susan’s. Marlena’s worried Sami will alienate Will and lose him forever. John thinks they should get Susan to come clean about what she’s done. He suggests Marlena has insight on Susan that could break through her delusion. Marlena calls it unethical. John knows and doesn’t care. Marlena thinks about it and calls Susan’s ex-husband, Edmund. He can’t help so John comes up with an idea.

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Sami lets herself into Susan’s house and learns Susan is taking Will away. Will defends Susan and they ask her to leave but Sami refuses to go. Episode # 13219Will talks about the memories he has with ‘his mom’ but Sami says those are EJ’s. Sami shares some real memories and cries as she tells Will that she’s his real mother. All the while, Susan chants, “You’re a liar. You’re a liar. You’re a liar.” Sami asks Will to go get a DNA test. Susan refuses. Sami shows Will pictures of them as a family and tells him today’s his birthday. He says it’s February 27th. Susan agrees – it was the happiest day of her life. Sami snaps, “That’s EJ’s birthday, you wacko!” Sami shows more photos of Ari, Sonny, and Marlena. Susan tries to drag him away but Will runs to work. Sami grabs Susan and throws her to the floor. Sami says EJ loved her so why is she hurting his family? EJ wouldn’t recognize his own mother right now. Susan slaps Sami across the face. Sami calms down and tries to reason with Susan to stop this madness and tell Will the truth. Susan calls Sami a bitch and then her hands fly to her mouth. She cringes and blames Sami for using ‘that word’. Sami looks skyward and prays to EJ to help her get through to his crazy mother.

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At SPD, Hope sees a news item about JJ shooting Theo in The Intruder and sighs. Rafe appears and they discuss the terrible irony of it. Sami gets her son back while Abe could lose his. Hope laughs in disbelief about Sami doing something stupid to land herself in jail again. She rants. Rafe rolls his eyes and then assumes Hope’s mad that he went to help Sami in Memphis. She admits it is true. They argue because Rafe was with Sami when Hope needed him. Rafe’s sorry she felt that he abandoned her. He didn’t mean to hurt her. He and Sami have history – Will was his step-son. After more talk, they make up.jadrienne-make-love-days-nbc

At Adrienne’s hotel room, she worries that Paul must be going through hell right now. Justin has difficulty feeling for Paul. Adrienne worries that with Will thinking he’s EJ and Sonny dumping Paul, Sonny will be left alone. Their talk turns to the long road it took for them to make it back to one another and they become amorous and decide to stop waiting. Adrienne needs him. They make love. Afterward, they snuggle

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Sonny finds Paul at the Memphis bar. He asks where Will is. Paul hasn’t seen him. He’s confused. He thought they’d have been together all night. Sonny lets him know the whole story about how Will thinks he’s EJ DiMera. Paul’s so sorry. Episode # 13219Sonny finds that hard to believe. He snaps at him for keeping that 24-hour secret. Paul knows it was wrong but he was afraid that he’d lose Sonny forever. Will arrives. He’s not happy to see Sonny. Paul and Sonny try to remind Will of who he is. Will asks who Paul is. Paul explains he’s Sonny’s fiance. Will finds that interesting since Sonny spoke of their great love affair. Paul tells Will he has a scar on his hip from when he was shot. Will’s surprised he knows. Marlena appears. “Wow, it really is you,” she whispers. Will goes to her. “I’ve seen you before.” Will saw photos of her and heard from Sami that they were close. Marlena grins but wants to focus on what happened to him. Marlena knew Susan when she lost her son. Sami and Susan burst in, and then John arrives with Roger (Elvis), who is sorry – he can’t lie for Susan anymore…


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