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Will flashes back to meeting Sonny and Sami at Susan’s in Memphis. Susan arrives with breakfast and Will asks for the truth. “Am I EJ DiMera or am I Will Horton?” Susan shows Will her black eye and plays on his sympathy. Episode # 13218Will’s surprised. Susan offers to show Will Horton’s death certificate but Will believes his ‘mom’. Will asks why people keep saying that EJ DiMera is dead. That should be pretty easy to prove. He grabs his jacket and goes to get answers. Susan stops him. She offers to answer any questions. He asks why they can’t have a computer. She tells him they’re bad for the brain. He asks if he’ll find out anything if he does a search for his name or Will Horton’s. Susan changes the subject, showing “EJ” his birth certificate, and baby teeth. Will points out that he can’t see the date on the certificate. Susan says he smudged it. She calls him a wonderful son and asks him not to get wrapped up in Sami’s lies. They hug. It disturbs Will to think he could have been married to Sami. Susan says, “It makes you kinda want to throw up in your mouth a little. She has that effect on everyone.”

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In the Memphis jail, Sami’s in jail for assaulting Susan. Sami complains and explains to the guard exactly what’s been happening. The guard finds her story about Will’s resurrection a joke. Marlena arrives. She wishes she could have hit Susan. Sami rants about Paul lying for 24 hours that Will was alive. “Can you imagine him being so selfish?” Sami asks. Her mother asks her to focus on Will. Sami informs her mom that Susan convinced Will that he’s EJ. Sami’s sickened by it. Marlena reminds Sami of how she hated her after the affair with Roman. They got past it and so will Sami and Will. Sami says the real Will is somewhere in there. She realizes that’s the way to get through to him. Sami’s sprung from jail and wants to go see Will. Marlena cautions her against it and offers to do it herself but Sami needs to be the one to get through to him. Marlena understands.

At the bar in Memphis, Paul leaves a message of love for Sonny. He hopes Sonny and Will are okay and is there for him no matter what. John comforts Paul with a hug. Paul calls himself a liar and a coward. John knows that’s not his son but Paul disagrees. He panicked with worry he’d lose Sonny and tells his dad he lied to everyone about Will being alive. Paul will never forgive himself. John reminds his son that he came through for everyone and told the truth. Because of him, everyone now knows Will is alive. The bottom line is “Who did your lie really hurt in the end?” Paul says he hurt himself. John reminds him that Sonny and Will were on the outs when Will was killed. If Paul and Sonny were meant to be, it’ll happen. He goes.

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At the Memphis hotel, Sonny deletes Paul’s message. Adrienne arrives. Sonny bursts out in anger about Paul keeping such a huge secret. Adrienne says that doesn’t sound like Paul. She’s sure he just didn’t want to lose him. Sonny remembers it’s Will’s birthday. He reminisces about one time he and Will celebrated it eating tacos in the park.

Back in Salem at the square, Gabi brings Eli coffee. He’s been guarding the scene of the crime. Gabi worries about Theo and JJ’s guilt. Rafe arrives. He tells Gabi that Will is alive. Gabi’s excited. She learns that he has amnesia and doesn’t know what to do. Rafe tells her to keep it under wraps until she lets Lucas know. Rafe goes and Gabi tells Eli a little about his cousin. She explains how they met and came to have Ari and raise her with Will and Sonny.

Back at Susan’s place, she gets a premonition that Sami will return for Will. She wants Will to leave the city with her. He looks panicked.

Rafe leaves a message for Sami that Justin should have gotten her out of jail by now. If she needs him, he tells her to call.

Sonny meets Paul in the bar.

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John goes to Marlena at the jail and learns Sami went after Will again. Doc is worried Sami will alienate Will and lose him forever.

Sami lets herself into Susan’s house and comes face-to-face with Susan and Will.

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