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In the park, Abigail tries to get Jennifer not to take what Abe said personally. Jennifer knows he’s terrified. Abe has been such a good friend to their family and there’s nothing she can do for him or JJ. Abigail goes and Eric appears with a hug for Jennifer. They discuss the situation and Jenn’s worry that JJ will lose it.

JJ stands over the blood spot from Theo at the square, and relives the nightmare shooting. JJ realizes he did see Theo. Abigail approaches and JJ’s angry with himself. He says it’ll be a miracle if Theo survives. He ruminates over what happened. JJ says Theo turned around because he knew his voice. JJ knows he saw Theo’s face. “I knew it was Theo right when I shot him.” Abigail says he’s driving himself crazy with guilt. “You didn’t know it was Theo. You’re imagining you knew before you pulled the trigger.” JJ tells his sister that today was Lani’s birthday and the first time they professed their love for each other. Abigail is sure that Lani will understand. JJ doesn’t see how.

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At the hospital, Lani cries to Abe that JJ swears he didn’t know it was Theo when he pulled the trigger. Abe knows but somebody has to be held accountable for his son fighting for his life. Abe orders his daughter to stay away from Theo for now. In Claire’s room, Kate demands Theo’s phone from Tripp but Tripp sees she was the last caller and refuses. He’ll give it to the police. Kate takes him to the waiting room. Chad rushes into the hospital to tell Lani and Abe how sorry he is and find out how Theo’s doing. Abe thinks Chad’s apology means the DiMeras were involved. Meanwhile, in the waiting room, Kate and Tripp argue over who gets to keep the phone and when Tripp won’t give it to her, Kate threatens to tell everyone about the hospital scandal which could ruin Kayla’s career. Tripp thinks she’s bluffing but she shares what she knows about him paying off the hospital with hush money. Tripp assumes this means it’s Kate’s fault that Theo is in this mess. He hands the phone over and Kate orders him to get the password. She goes. Back by the hub, Kayla is finished with surgery and tells the family there was damage to a major blood vessel. They needed to do a bypass, which was risky. Theo had an embolism which led to a coma. There’s a collective gasp. Abe asks if it’s possible Theo may never come out of the coma. Kayla nods that it’s possible. Chad goes to call Abigail. Val appears, exhausted. She tells Abe that the coma is her fault. She was anxious and worries her hands were too shaky. Kayla denies that. She saw everything and did all she could. Tripp finds Claire and consoles her over Theo. He strugEpisode # 13215gles when he asks for Theo’s code to get into his phone, stating that the police need it. Claire cries because the code is her name. Tripp takes the information back to Kate, who uses it to get into Theo’s phone and delete her voicemails. She hands the phone back to Tripp. He tells her that Theo’s in a coma and may never wake up. When he leaves the room, Kate breaks down in tears. By the hub, Val thanks Kayla for defending her. Later, the family visits Theo in his room.

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Chad goes to the square to tell Abigail, JJ, Eric and Jennifer that Theo survived surgery but is in a coma. JJ asks if he’ll come out of it. Chad relays that they don’t know. JJ’s beside himself with grief. Jennifer begs him to go home with her but he runs off. Eric asks her to give JJ space.

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