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In bed at the DiMera mansion, Chad alludes to wanting to make love. Abigail calls him “Incorrigible.” They snuggle and discuss the company sabotage. Chad still thinks Theo’s involved. Downstairs, Kate paces and messages Theo, telling him again not to break into that warehouse. Andre interrupts. Kate assures him that she truly believes he’s not the saboteur.

Episode # 13216At the hospital, Claire takes Theo’s belongings. Tripp sees Theo’s phone drop from the bag and notes that Kate’s calling. Claire starts to hyperventilate over Theo’s bloody clothes. Nearby, Abe and Lani hope for a miracle in Theo’s surgery. Abe yells about JJ and Lani defends JJ, knowing any cop would have reacted the same way. Abe assumes the DiMera’s put Theo up to this since he wouldn’t commit a crime on his own. As he talks, he’s angrier. He just buried his wife, and now his son? Lani tells him to calm down and take care of himself. It wasn’t long ago he had heart surgery. Theo will need him healthy when he gets out of surgery.

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Jennifer rushes into Hope’s office at SPD to ask about Theo’s shooter. Hope sits her down and gives her the news. Jennifer’s beside herself, trying to figure out why this happened. She calls Abigail and fills her in. Hope recaps the rest of the story for Jennifer and explains about suspending JJ as standard procedure in these cases. They embrace and Jenn leaves, desolate.

JJ returns to the scene of the crime at the square and flashes to shooting Theo. He can’t breathe and collapses to his knees. Jennifer finds him and hugs him as he tells her how he came to shoot Theo. JJ takes full responsibility and second guesses his actions. Jenn leaves him alone.Episode # 13216

Back at DiMera, Abigail shares the anguishing news that JJ shot Theo. They dress and rush downstairs. Chad looks angrily at Andre and tells them that Theo’s been shot. Kate drops a glass and looks green. As Chad tells her he was caught breaking into a warehouse, she waivers on her feet. Chad blames Andre for putting Theo up to the crime and says this isn’t the end of the discussion. Kate and Abs head to the hospital.

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Jennifer arrives at the hospital and overhears Abe griping about JJ. Jennifer approaches and asks how they’re doing. Abe snaps at her that her son shot his. Jennifer cries about how devastated JJ is but Abe isn’t ready to hear it. In a nearby room, Tripp calls the nurse when it looks as though Claire’s about to pass out. The nurse examines Claire and learns her blood pressure is low. She’s made to rest on a bed. In another room, Abe and Jenn continue discussing the shooting. Abe calls what JJ did ‘negligence’. Jennifer calls it an accident. “We have been friends my whole life. I love your children as much as I love my own,” Jenn says. She knows Abe feels the same about her kids. Abe rages. Episode # 13216If he buries his son because of what Jenn’s son did, “The Carvers…” Abe says. Jennifer pleads with him not to finish but he continues, “And the Hortons will never share anything again.” Jenn sobs. Elsewhere, Hope finds Claire and Tripp. She comforts her granddaughter and takes her statement. She asks where Theo was going tonight and Claire says he had ‘something to do’. Tripp flashes to overhearing Theo and Kate’s conversation about ‘something illegal’ and is just about to tell Hope when they hear arguing in the next room. Hope runs to interrupt Abe and Jenn as Abigail and Kate arrive. Abigail takes Jennifer aside as Abe starts to blame Kate for the shooting. Hope intervenes and says they have Theo’s phone. Kate looks ill. Hope asks them not to say something they’ll regret before they examine the phone. Abe demands Hope talk to Andre DiMera right now. Everyone leaves and Kate worries about the evidence Hope will find in Theo’s phone. Kate finds Tripp in the next room, and asks for the phone.

Lani finds JJ at the square. He’s busy flashing back to the shooting. Lani cries as he goes over the events and how he thought he was doing the right thing. She asks if he could have resolved the situation in any other way. He swears he couldn’t. All he saw was a perp with a gun. JJ would rather take a bullet than shoot Lani’s brother. Once Lani’s gone, JJ continues reliving the shooting.

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Chad and Andre argue at the mansion about whether or not Andre was involved in the shooting.

On the bench outside the square, Jenn cries to Abigail that Abe could lose his son.

Abe prays at the hospital. Lani returns and tells him she saw JJ. He swore he didn’t know the identity of Theo until after he pulled the trigger.

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Theo’s shooting continues to affect those who love him.

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