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At the loft, Claire hears on a call from Julie that Theo has been shot. Claire has trouble catching her breath as she disconnects and shares the news with Tripp. She collapses.

At the hospital, Abe can’t fathom that JJ shot his son. “It was an accident,” JJ says. Abe says he was off duty. Did he even ask Theo to identify himself? Lani explains they got called back into work. JJ tries to explain but Abe’s filled with rage. Lani sobs and begs her father to calm down. Hope intervenes. Lani goes to be with Abe and Theo and Hope takes JJ to the police department to get his statement. Claire and Tripp run in and Lani briefly explains what went down. Kayla and Val appear and tell the family that Theo lost a lot of blood. The bullet almost nicked Theo’s aorta. Val will do surgery while Kayla assists.

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At the townhouse, John takes a call and disconnects when Marlena appears. Episode # 13215He tells her that Will is alive. She grapples with the news. John tells her Paul saw him. Marlena finally believes it and starts to cry.John assumes that Susan and Rolf have Will under mind-control in order to keep him away from family. Marlena wonders if he’s still their Will.

At the bar in Memphis, Will insists to everyone that his name isn’t Will, “It’s EJ.” Susan hides behind Will as Sami asks what Susan did to him. Everyone starts telling Will how it’s impossible that he’s EJ. Rafe asks what he recalls about growing up. Will says he lost his memory after getting shot. Sami starts to show Will photos of her with Episode # 13215Will and Lucas. Sonny tells Will they were in love. “She’s a nut job,” Sonny explains. Will bolts out the door and Sonny rushes after. Sami and Rafe detain Susan and order her to tell the truth about what she did. Susan maintains that “EJ” is her son and says she did this to get back at Sami. Susan yells, “Will is dead!” Sami’s ready to pound Susan to a pulp but holds back. Rafe makes a call and Susan taunts Sami. Sami can’t take it anymore and smashes Susan in the face. Susan spins around and goes down.

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Episode # 13215Sonny follows Will back to Susan’s house. Will is exasperated. “Leave me alone,” he says. Sonny refuses and knows once Will realizes who he is, he’ll understand. Sonny lost his husband once and refuses to let it happen again. Sonny tells Will he has a daughter and Will says, “What?” and then stares blankly. Sonny tells him more. Will finds it amusing and laughs when he hears that he fathered a daughter with his girlfriend before he came to terms with being gay. Will would never leave his own kid. Sonny says he didn’t. He was killed. Will denies that and orders Sonny out. Once he’s gone, Will takes a swipe at the letters, ‘EJ’ from the wall.

At SPD, Hope takes JJ’s statement. Hope says forensics have determined that the ‘weapon’ was used to break into a secure facility. JJ says he must have been using it to break into the warehouse. He says he didn’t recognize Theo at the warehouse. Hope knows that Theo usually takes things literally, so if he didn’t have a weapon and only had this item, it explains why he didn’t drop it. JJ wants to go back to the hospital but Hope says since this is an ongoing investigation, he can’t have anything to do with the victim. JJ goes pale as it really sinks in. “Theo is my victim.” She suspends JJ.

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Back at the hospital, Lani and Abe visit an unconscious Theo and share Episode # 13215words of love and support. She sobs into Abe’s arms and then Abe rubs his son’s arm as he begs Theo to come back to him. Abe and Lani return to the nurses’ hub where Claire’s waiting. Kayla hears she fainted and asks if she’s certain she can handle seeing Theo. She can. She goes in and Abe and Lani wander to the chapel. Tripp worries that Theo will bleed out during surgery. Tripp goes to be with Claire and hears her apologizing to Theo and professing her undying love. Later, the family gathers as Theo’s brought into surgery.

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