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JJ-Lani-Theo-shot-ground-Days-JJOutside at the Horton square, JJ runs to the hooded figure he shot and realizes with horror that it’s Theo. Lani arrives on the scene and hollers for JJ to call for help. She angrily demands to know why he shot her brother. JJ breathlessly recounts what went down, and insists that Theo had a gun. Nearby, JJ locates the device Theo was holding and blurts that he was wrong. “He was unarmed…and I shot him.” After Theo and Lani leave in the ambulance, JJ vomits in the bushes.

At the loft, Claire opens up to Tripp, and they agree they enjoy talking to one another. Claire recounts the ‘anyone with half a brain would understand’ remark she made to Theo, and muses that Tripp understands; he gets her. Tripp is amused when she categorizes him as ‘responsible and nice’, so Claire assures him he’s far from boring. They decide they’re captivated by one another, and Tripp suggests keeping that from Theo. Claire wishes he’d come home. Tripp suggests she call Theo, and they hug when he notes her boyfriend is lucky to have her.

In the Memphis hospital, Sami is stunned when Paul admits he saw Will alive. She rages at him for not calling her and orders him to tell her where to find Will.

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In the Memphis bar, Sonny throws his arms around Will, who asks him to ease off and claims he’s never seen him before in his life. Sonny makes Will uncomfortable with his intensity as he marvels about what it’s like to see him right now. Will presumes Sonny has had too much to drink. Sonny protests that he’s sober, and decides to trigger Will’s memory by pulling him into a passionate kiss. After, Will, outraged, demands that Sonny get out. Sami enters. She asks, “Will?” then tearfully pulls him into an embrace. Will pulls away and becomes belligerent about them touching him – he has no idea who they are! Sami gets emotional recalling Will’s birth. He intones, “Lady, you’re scaring me.” Sami only gets more tearful and overwhelmed about the miracle of him being alive.

Rafe finds Susan in her room in Memphis and wants to ask her a few questions about Will Horton. Susan insists he’s dead and chirps about people disrupting her life. Rafe shares that Will’s grave was empty and thinks Susan’s a liar. Susan cringes against the wall as Rafe orders her to reveal Will’s whereabouts. Taking a new tack, Susan demands to see Rafe’s badge. She realizes he’s not from the Memphis PD and accuses him of being sent there by Sami Brady. Rafe protests when Susan goes on that her son is dead because of Sami Brady and complains Sami always gets what she wants before telling him to show himself out.

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Rafe returns to the Memphis hospital, where Paul updates him that Will’s alive, and Sonny and Sami are with him. After, Paul phones his dad – he has something to tell him.

In the Memphis bar, Sami is trying to get Will to understand who he is, when Susan enters. Will runs over to hug ‘his mother’. Sami protests, “Oh no.” She tells Will that Susan has done something to him, as Susan taunts that she’s a mean, mean, mean person. When Will realizes the blonde is called Sami, he snaps that he knows all about her and calls her a lying, cheating whore. Sonny holds Sami back as she vows to find out how Susan brainwashed her son and threatens to kill her. Will roars, “You stay away from my mother!” Rafe arrives, flashes his badge. Sami bids him to tell Will the truth. Will hollers that his name isn’t Will…it’s EJ!

Kayla reassures Lani they will do their best to save Theo as they’re rushed into University Hospital in Salem.

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Abe-Valerie-bad-news-call-Days-JJAt Doug’s Place, Julie and Doug watch Abe and Valerie slow dance; they’re thrilled Abraham has found love again thanks to the magic of the place, and start slow dancing themselves. After, the foursome sits down together. They discuss Eli, JJ, and Lani bringing them together. Abe admits he’s come around, and thinks JJ and Lani are good together. They toast. Suddenly, Abe gets a call from a sobbing Lani, who breaks the news Theo was shot. Shaken, Abe assures her he’s on his way. He and Val leave, and Julie worries about Claire.

Claire takes Julie’s call at the loft and after disconnecting, relays to Tripp that Theo’s been shot.

JJ-Lani-Abe-confrontation-hospital-Days-JJJJ arrives at the hospital and Lani cries that they nearly lost Theo three times in the ambulance. JJ apologizes profusely; he needs her to believe he only followed his training. Abe and Val rush in. Val goes to get information, as Abe asks Lani who shot his son. JJ says, “I did.”

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