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At the square, Tripp invites Claire out but she declines because she has plans with Theo.

Still at the loft, Kate hates to ask Theo to do something illegal. Can he pull it off? Theo assures her he can. He wants to ensure Chad keeps the company for him and Thomas.

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At the DiMera mansion, Chad asks his brother to come clean about sabotaging DiMera Industries. Andre will do no such thing. He knows he can be machiavellian at times but family is more important to him than DiMera. Abby believes him but Chad’s skeptical, as is Kate.

Sami opens up to Rafe at the square about watching Lucas suffer with alcoholism and waiting to find out for certain if Will is alive or not. Sami wants to go to the cemetery while they dig Will up. Rafe pooh poohs that idea. “You don’t want to see that.” Sami agrees. She paces. They reminisce over how hard she was to deal with in the safe house when they first met. Rafe takes her to SPD. “You can drive me crazy there,” he jokes.

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In Memphis, Will talks to customers as Paul watches. Sonny calls to tell him he’s being released. Paul heads to the hospital where he helps Sonny dress. Sonny clutches his head. He still has a bit of a headache but the doctor assures that it’ll be gone by tomorrow. Sonny apologizes for not listening to him about Will being dead. Paul looks guilty. Sonny puts his wedding band on and kisses Paul and asks him to marry him. Paul looks ill, and almost doubles over near the bed. “I can’t do this,” he says. “I can’t marry you.” Sonny thinks Paul needs time to forgive him but that’s not it. Paul admits that Will is alive and he’s been lying about it for the past 24 hours. “I saw him.” Sonny’s shocked and angry. Paul’s sorry. Sonny doesn’t understand any of this. Paul tells him the name of the bar and Sonny gives him the ring back and goes to find Will.

At the Salem PD, Lani and JJ kiss and JJ wishes her a happy birthday. Before they’re ready Episode # 13213 to head out on their date, a break-in is reported. They take off. Rafe and Sami arrive. Sami finds and reads her file while Rafe coos sweet nothings to Hope over the phone. When he disconnects, Rafe grabs Sami’s file and Sami mocks him for dating his boss. Rafe takes a call – Will’s grave is empty! Sami yells that Susan lied. They rush to Memphis.

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Lani and JJ arrive at a darkened Doug’s Place. Lani asks, “Why are they closed so early?” They go inside, guns drawn, and the lights go on. Everyone yells, “Surprise!” It’s a surprise birthday party for Lani. Lani says hello to her guests and JJ gives her gun clip back. He worried she could have discharged it when they arrived. Nearby, Theo tells Claire he told all the paid followers to stop following her. She’s angry. She tells him Tripp gets it. “And I don’t, right?” Theo finishes. Claire clarifies that “anyone with a brain would.” Theo finds that insulting. He gets a text as Abe brings the birthday cake out for Lani, who blows out the candles and gets kisses from her family and friends. Lani brings Theo cake and asks what’s going on with him and Claire. Theo explains he did something to hurt her. Lani asks if he has tried to fix it or apologized. He doesn’t know what to apologize for. Lani gives him advice. Abe goes to JJ and they bond. Lani thanks Theo for coming, knowing parties aren’t his favorite thing. They embrace and say “I love you,” and go. Claire and Theo leave together. He tries to apologize but she just wants to go home. Theo has to run an errand first so Claire gets pissy and stomps off.Episode # 13213

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At the pub, Steve gives Tripp advice. He knows Tripp is into Claire but she’s taken. Steve tells his son the story about how he and Bo fought over Britta while in the Merchant Marines and Steve ended up with an eye gouged out. Tripp’s shocked. And they stayed friends? Steve says the point is that love triangles are soul draining. Tripp thinks it’s best if they stayed friends.

As Theo breaks into the warehouse with some device that looks like a gun, a red light blinks.

Lani and JJ head to someone’s house and make love. JJ professes his love for the first time. JJ gets a call from SPD about a breakin at the docks.

Sami rushes into Sonny’s hospital room in Memphis and finds Paul there, crying.

Sonny finds Will at the bar and says his name. Will looks at him blankly.

JJ and Lani arrive on the scene and see a man in a hoodie. It’s dark and they can’t tell it’s Theo. They yell, “Freeze,” but Theo runs off. They follow as Kate leaves a message for Theo not to break into the warehouse. JJ yells to drop the weapon, (the device) and when Theo turns around, JJ shoots him in the chest, twice. Theo goes down.

At the loft, Claire and Tripp wonder where Theo could be.

Back at Doug’s Place, Abe and Val celebrate with drinks.

On the next Days of our Lives:

JJ is devastated when he discovers who he shot.

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