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Sami finds Roman at the pub looking at photos of her as a kid. He heard what happened in Memphis and is sorry. Sami tears up. They hug. Marlena arrives and they discuss the kids being with Austin and Carrie. Sami tells her parents that she doesn’t believe Susan is telling them the whole truth about Will, then snaps that she’s an orthodontic nightmare. Suddenly, Sami gets an idea and runs out. Marlena tears up, knowing Sami won’t let this go now that her hopes are up.

On a call at the DiMera mansion, Kate yells at a reporter that she’ll sue them if they print lies about her company having issues. Andre appears. Kate tells him about Sonny’s visit to Memphis and how there’s no chance Will is alive. Andre snipes that Susan could be lying. When he goes to touch her, Kate shoves him away. Andre questions her. She flashes to Chad’s consideration that Andre’s behind the sabotage. Kate gets a text and learns once again, they were outbid on a business. She’s angrier than ever.

At the loft, Chad and Abigail ask Theo if he has a top secret project he’s Episode # 13212working on. Theo flashes to Kate asking for him to keep quiet about their activity, then tells Chad he’s not doing anything wrong. Chad asks point blank if Andre put him up to something. Theo denies it and asks them to go.

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Victor walks in on Brady taking a drink. “No worries, I’m simply toasting to the absolute destruction of Eve Donovan,” Brady tells his granddad. They gloat over ousting Eve. Brady asks to be given his CEO job back. “Course you don’t, you idiot,” Vic grouses. He doesn’t like that Brady’s pulling a “PUI” which is planning under the influence, because he isn’t taking into account that Eve could have an alibi. If that’s true, Brady will be implicated. Victor thinks Brady should think again about Eve, who could be a worthy adversary.

Eve gives Eli attitude at SPD when they question her. She calls them clowns. Episode # 13212They ask where she was the night of Deimos’ murder, June 29. She can’t recall. Rafe tells her to come up with an alibi or be charged with Murder One. Eve looks through her calendar and comes to a realization. She says Brady will rue the day he messed with her.

Chloe bustles into Doug’s Place and grabs a drink from Lucas’ hand before he can imbibe. He fills her in on the Memphis trip, snatches his drink back, and takes a gulp. Chloe gets a call and has to run.

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Abby and Chad walk the square and argue about whether or not Theo is lying about doing something behind their backs. Abigail thinks he’s telling the truth and says Andre would never jeopardize Chad or Thomas’ legacy.

Chloe arrives at SPD. She’s Eve’s alibi. They saw some concert in New York together that night. Chloe shows the concert ticket stub. Rafe lets Chloe go and the cops and Chloe leave the room. Rafe tells Eli he’s sure that somebody in the Kiriakis mansion set Eve up. Sami appearsEpisode # 13212 with something important to discuss with Rafe. Rafe asks for a moment and Eli goes back to Eve. Eve tells Eli that Brady set her up because they want her out of the company and the house. She suggests he look at how Brady got his hands on the amulet.

Sami takes Rafe to the park and tells him about the issues in Memphis. She is ready to exhume Will’s body. Rafe asks how Lucas feels about that. Sami isn’t going to let him stand in her way. She reminds him how it felt to lose Grace and then find out about Sydney. Rafe agrees. He makes a call and expedites it. They can do it now.

Abby and Chad return to the mansion. She changes the subject as she’s tired of arguing about Andre. They make out until Andre interrupts. He tells them DiMera has been hit again. Abigail sighs. She’ll start a press release. Chad asks Andre if he’s behind the sabotage.

Kate arrives at the loft to ask Theo to break into that warehouse.

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Eve returns to the Kiriakis mansion. She asks Brady to make her a double scotch. Brady’s unhappy they let her go. Eve says she never did thank him for putting her in touch with Chloe. They bonded over music and were at the Opera the night Deimos was killed. Eve thinks it’s clear that one of them murdered her husband or if not, they know who did.

Chloe returns to Doug’s Place. Lucas is looking around. He only sees Will when he’s really drunk but he doesn’t see him. Chloe takes him home.

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