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At the pub, Abigail lets Gabi know that she’s gone back to DiMera as head of PR. Gabi’s happy for her and reveals Kate wants to buy Gabi Chic from her, roll it into Countess Wilhelmina and have Gabi work for CW. Abigail’s eyes widen and Chad looks uncomfortable. Gabi admits she hasn’t accepted yet but will turn it down if they’ve issues with it. They tell her not to. She still has some consideration to do and shares that she heard about someone sabotaging the company. After she’s gone, Chad tells his wife that he thinks it’s time to talk to Theo.

Kate visits Kayla at the hospital. Kayla’s sorry to hear about what went down in Memphis. Kate thanks her. She’s there on behalf of the board, to glean the name of the person who gave the large donation at the hospital. Kayla says they’d prefer to remain anonymous. Kate becomes suspicious so Kayla confides that Tripp donated the money from his mother, Ava Vitali. Kate’s surprised that the hospital knowingly accepted ‘mob money’. If a scandal were to arise, it could compromise the hospital’s reputation. Kayla agreed when she first learned of it but changed her mind, knowing how much it would help the hospital. Kate agrees. They shouldn’t judge Tripp by his mother’s sins. Kate calls Tripp almost saintly. “Trust me, he’s no saint,” Kayla snipes. Kate flashes to Theo telling her that Tripp has done some questionable things and asks Kayla to elucidate. Kayla apologizes. She shouldn’t have said that. She and Tripp have had their issues but they’re working toward a resolution. Kate shrugs. She agrees not to tell the board and leaves.

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On a break outside of Mandalay, Tripp gazes at photos of Claire and grins. Steve finds him and asks who he’s mooning over. Tripp’s just glad that Claire’s new song is trending. He updates his dad that his new job is going well. He doesn’t want to do it forever. He’s upset that he screwed up at the hospital because he enjoyed the work. Steve tells his son to stop beating himself up about that. Besides, he and Kayla are working toward mending their relationship. If Tripp still wants to be a doctor, he’ll support him.

At home, Claire’s stoked when she and Theo learn the new song she posted on social media is going viral. Theo credits himself. He bought her some followers. Claire’s offended. Theo’s confused. Claire starts yelling but Theo explains that it doesn’t matter how things get started. It only matters if people start to really enjoy her music and tell all their friends. Claire yells some more that Theo doesn’t understand her or know her.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Eve tries to start fresh until Eli and Rafe appear. They ask what’s going on and Brady fingers Eve for killing Deimos. Eve asks if Brady’s insane. Brady tells them her motive was to inherit his estate.Episode # 13211 Eve denies that but refuses to discuss it further without her lawyer. Brady explains how she told his grandfather and himself that she married Deimos. He reminds them of the party at the Martin House and says the cursed amulet was never found. The person who killed Deimos must have the amulet. Brady calls in Henderson who explains that he was following Master Brady’s instructions to throw Eve’s things out on the lawn when he found the amulet in her belongings. Eve’s confused and calls this ridiculous. She goes through her purse and finds it, then glares at Brady. She tells the police Brady is framing her for her husband’s murder so they can get her out of their lives. Eli and Rafe privately discuss calling in for a warrant, while Eve yells at Brady that she could kill him for this. “She’s at it again,” Brady says, making a big show of throwing his arms up in the air. Rafe tells Eve he has no choice but to take her downtown for questioning. She goes and Brady thanks Henderson for finding that amulet. Henderson goes and Brady chuckles about how easy that was, as he takes a drink.

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Back at the square, Tripp and Steve find an angry Claire. Steve leaves them to talk and Claire bitches about Theo buying her followers. Tripp sympathizes but asks her to go easy on Theo. After all, he was one of them and now likes her music. Claire’s so happy she hugs him.

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Steve shows up at the hospital with lemon poppyseed muffins for Kayla. They’re her favorite. Steve tells her Tripp’s still interest in going into medicine. Kayla tells her husband about Kate’s visit. Steve worries about what she said and as Kate appears, unseen, Kayla says, “I didn’t say anything incriminating.” Kate hides behind a wall while Kayla and Steve muse about how she could lose her job if anyone found out Tripp was behind those medical issues.

Abigail and Chad arrive at the loft. Theo tells them he’s trying to get people to stop following Claire on social media. They’re puzzled. Theo doesn’t want to explain and asks why they’re there. Chad asks if anyone at DiMera asked him to do anything behind their backs.

At SPD, Eve tells Rafe to let her go.

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