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Rafe joins Gabi and Eli at the Salem PD. Gabi talks about Eli filling in for Sonny with Ari. Rafe gets territorial, as Ari’s uncle, then leaves to take a call. Gabi hands Eli a kid’s lunchbox as a thank you for being there for her and her daughter. eli-rafe-clash-as-partners-salem-pd-days-jjEli leans in to kiss Gabi but pulls back, remembering they agreed to take things slow. “Not too slow,” Gabi says and pulls him into a passionate kiss. Rafe appears and scolds them. Gabi brings up the way Rafe and Hope act, which sends him away again. After Gabi leaves, Rafe reappears and thinks Eli’s slacking off but Eli has finished all his work. Rafe suggests he make a coffee run. “Let’s get something straight right now,” Eli snaps. He reminds Rafe they’re partners – equals – and thinks Rafe’s attitude is more about Commissioner Hope being his superior than him.

Chad wakes up in bed and finds Abby working on her tablet. He reminds her they’re still on their honeymoon and kisses his wife. Over talk of work, Chad thinks Andre’s the DiMera mole and vows to hurt him if it’s true. They talk about Kate being Abby’s boss, joke about the perks of Abby working with her sexy husband then make love. Afterwards, Abby assures Chad she’d chose family over work if it bothers him that she’s back at DiMera. Chad’s fine… as long as they keep their priorities straight, no one can hurt them.

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At the Brady’s Pub, Kate finishes up a call with Theo, regarding Andre, as Jenn approaches. Kate thanks Jenn, who apologizes about the search in Memphis turning up empty. When Jenn brings up business, Kate refuses to comment on the sabotage and instructs her to ask the head of PR, Abby, who’s, “Almost as annoying as you are.” After Jenn leaves, Kate sees Gabi and joins her. They briefly talk about Memphis then Kate changes the subject to Gabi’s success. Kate suggests if DiMera buys GabiChic things can only get better for Gabi. Gabi’s honored but brings up the current sabotaging rumors and admits it wouldn’t be a good idea for her to be working close to Chad again. Kate convinces her to think on it and leaves. Later, Gabi notices Chad and Abby kissing across the pub. Gabi tries to leave but they join her. After talk about Will, Gabi hears Abby’s back at DiMera and reveals Kate offered her a job too.

Brady stops Eric, who’s running through the park, and says he’s sorry to hear about Will then brings up Nicole. Brady thinks she probably has a new sugar daddy and expresses the continued rage inside of him for what Eric did. Eric warns Brady not to push because he’ll push back. As Brady antagonizes Eric, Jenn appears and steps between them. Brady takes a call and rushes off. Eric admits to Jenn he thinks Brady had something to do with Nicole leaving town but knows he needs to move on. Jenn’s touched when he talks about being grateful that she’s been there for him. Elsewhere, Kate leaves a message for Abby to take care of a reporter who’s sniffing around DiMera business – her mother.

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Eve finds Victor in the living room at the Kiriakis mansion. Over talk of Paige, and the fact that she’s not alive, Victor expresses his condolences then asks Eve to get the hell out of his house. Eve reminds Victor she’s his brother’s widow and though she might vacate the premises, she won’t give up her position. “You’re looking at the new CEO.” Victor thinks she’s talking about Titian, and says she has a screw loose, but Eve clarifies that Deimos gained controlling interest in Basic Black and named her CEO. She hands over the documents as Brady barges in, having already heard the news. Eve drops another bomb – Titian is responsible for 80% of Basic Black’s operating costs since Deimos put Nicole in charge last year. After Eve leaves gloating, Victor orders Brady to get Eve out of their company and their lives. Brady’s irked to hear Victor’s stripping him of the Titian CEO position and putting Sonny back in charge. He blames Brady running around with Nicole as a means for Deimos to get his hooks into the company and accuses Brady of drinking again. He urges Brady to get sober. If Brady gets rid of Eve, Victor will reconsider his demotion. Alone, Brady drinks and suddenly figures out what he needs to do.

Back at the PD, Eli takes a call then informs Rafe that a lead just came in on one of their cases.

Rafe and Eli arrive at the Kiriakis mansion, just as Eve tries to extend an olive branch to Brady. When Rafe and Eli wonder what information Brady has on Deimos’ murder, Brady pinpoints Eve as his killer.

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