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Tripp helps Claire with an order at Mandalay, and then teaches her how to carry multiple plates on her forearm. He gazes at her fondly before mentioning her he’s on a break. He’s running home to get his phone.

At the loft, Theo reveals to Kate that the person sabotaging DiMera is somebody local. Kate gets a call from a drunken Lucas who tells her Adrienne dumped him – again. Kate’s confused. She wants her son to snap out of this and find Sami. Kate disconnects and shares with Theo that her son’s having a difficult time. Theo says the person sabotaging DiMera is using a building at the docs. Theo’s already been there and can break into the building and locate the server. “That would be illegal,” Kate muses. Tripp walks in. Kate introduces herself. He grabs his cell and leaves. Once gone, Kate worries about what he heard. Theo shrugs. Tripp’s done some terrible things in his past so is in no place to judge.

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abby-defend-andre-days-nbcAt the DiMera mansion, Chad wonders if Andre persuaded Theo to help him sabotage DiMera Enterprises. Abigail defends Andre. Chad snorts. “He’s done it before. You’ve helped him!” Abby says that was for Chad to fight that murder charge. Chad explains that Theo left his queen unguarded, which to Chad, proves he’s distracted.  Abby suggests that could be due to anything. She thinks he should give Theo some credit. Talk turns to Abigail quitting her job. Chad wants her back at DiMera Industries. She’s not sure. They snuggle and kiss and he takes her up to bed in order to convince her.

In Memphis, Susan continues to hold a gun to Sami, John and Marlena. Susan again declares Will is dead and yells to leave her alone so she can mourn her own son. They go. Roger shows up and Susan fills him in that she told the Salemites that Rolf wasn’t able to bring Will back to life. She grins, knowingly. Roger’s worried that they’re not going to give up too easily. When Susan is overcome with sadness, Roger suggests they go to the bar.

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At the bar, Paul is shocked to see Will tending bar. He flashes to Lucas telling him he too saw Will, earlier. Paul approaches Will and calls out his name. Will doesn’t appear to notice. Paul takes a call from his dad who asks him to meet back at the hospital.john-call-paul-days-nbc

Sami goes to Lucas’ room in Memphis. She informs him about what Susan admitted to but Sami still doesn’t know if Will is alive. She wants to do more investigating but Lucas gets in her way, worried something will happen to her. They cry as they commiserate over wanting Will to be alive. If Sami can’t have her son, Lucas has to let her help him get out of this downward spiral he’s on. Lucas tells her to “go bedazzle something” if she needs a project. She begs and gives him puppy dog eyes. It works. He agrees to let her help him.

Paul returns to the hospital to see Marlena and John. They talk to him about seeing Susan. Paul flashes to seeing Will at the bar and says, “I saw…someone.” Paul says he’s not sure how to say it. He flashes to Lucas advising him to stop being a nice guy so he can hang on to Sonny, and tells them he saw Lucas at the bar, but leaves out seeing Will. Marlena goes to Sonny’s room and John hugs his boy, at least glad that he and Sonny can live their life out together. The men hug and when Marlena returns, she and John drop by Lucas’ hotel where Marlena tells them that it’s time to face facts that Will is gone. Paul heads back to the bar, sees Will, and tears up. He asks God to forgive him and walks out.

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Tripp returns to Mandalay where Claire promptly drops the three plates she’s carrying to a table. He cringes and goes to help her. She’s upset that her tips barely cover the cost of the broken plates. Tripp offers to help. She refuses and hugs him in thanks. Theo walks up and Claire scrambles to ensure Theo knows the hug was just friendly. Theo pulls Tripp aside to ask him to keep Kate’s visit a secret since they’re working on something sensitive.

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Kate bursts into DiMera to talk to Chad. She wants Abigail to leave the room but Chad informs her that he hired Abigail to do PR for DiMera. Kate’s not happy he did it behind her back. She says that Jennifer Horton did a hack job on them in The Spectator and they need to spin it. Abigail agrees to assist.

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