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Episode # 13206At the hospital in Memphis, John tells Marlena that Sonny’s cat scan came back fine. Marlena shares that Sami’s still in jail. John says if she doesn’t start cooperating, he can’t get her out of there, either. Meanwhile, in jail, Sami asks when her lawyer will be there. The cop says, “Soon,” and Sami grumbles.

At the square, Gabi leaves Sonny a voicemail, asking if he’ll be at the father-daughter day at Arianna’s school. Eli appears. Gabi shares that she’s concerned something has happened to Sonny.

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Sonny wakes up in the hospital in Memphis. He sees Will’s apparition smiling. He blinks and calls to Will but blinks again and sees Paul. Sonny’s sorry. Paul’s been there since he was brought in. Sonny is restless and wants to leave but Paul says they need to wait for doctor’s orders. Gabi calls. Sonny can’t handle that right now so Paul goes to take her call while Adrienne and Justin walk in. They came as soon as Paul called. Episode # 13206Lucas strolls into Memphis jail and calls Sami’s jail-time a habit. He’s pissed that she ditched him and left him out of the search for Will. Sami stands by her decision and asks him to stop yelling. She explains how they came to be in Memphis and about meeting Elvis who denied knowing Will. The cop returns. Roger Fisher (Elvis) filed a restraining order against Sami. Sami convinces Lucas to bust her out of there. She wants him to drink a load of booze and make sure all eyes are on him so she can escape. Elvis returns to the cabin and tells somebody he took care of everything. He says Sami’s the worst of the bunch and then goes off to make whoever he’s talking to a fried peanut butter and banana sandwich.

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Back in Salem, Gabi hears from Paul with an update. She fills Eli in on what happened in Memphis and how having Ari’s father back in her life would be phenomenal. They go pick up Arianna and treat her to ice cream. The kid’s thankful and asks him to stay with them. Ari narrows her eyes when Eli asks her to share her Halloween candy. Gabi tells her kid that her daddy’s fine but in the hospital and can’t read the book about skateboarding to her class tomorrow. Eli offers.

Back in Memphis jail, Paul privately confides in John he’s worried he’ll lose Sonny forever. In Sonny’s room, Sonny is antsy to go. His parents force him to rest and Justin goes to ensure Elvis doesn’t press charges. Justin runs into John, Paul and Marlena on his way out and promises he’ll try to get Sami off. They’re grateful. Back at the jail, Sami and Lucas quibble about who has felt the most pitiful. Sami yells at Lucas to snap out of this state he’s in. Back in Sonny’s room, his guilt returns and he hates how judgmental he was toward Will at the end. Adrienne tries to reason with him. They discuss Lucas and Adrienne wishes she could find him so she could explain that Bonnie is the one who dumped him, not her. Sonny decides to make a call. At the same time, Justin arrives at the jail and gets Sami out and has charges against Sonny dropped. Sami agrees to meet Justin at the hospital and acts very agreeable when the cop releases her. She takes off.Episode # 13206

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Back in Salem, Gabi takes a call from Sonny. She’s happy to hear from him. He apologizes. He can’t make the father and daughter day. They disconnect and Gabi says she’s grateful Eli can read at Ari’s school.

Back in Memphis, Paul tells Sonny the hospital is keeping him another day. Justin returns and relays news to John and Marlena that he got the restraining order against them all dropped. He asks where Sami is. She was supposed to meet him there.

As Adrienne’s checking into the hotel, she sees Lucas. At the same time, Sami lets herself into an open window at Elvis’ place and searches for Will.

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