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In bed at the DiMera mansion, Abigail is reading Jane Eyre. She and Chad joke about Abigail eating all of Thomas’ Halloween candy. Chad checks his cell phone and learns Ben has escaped during a transfer to a high security psych facility.

At Salem PD, Rafe jumps out at Hope in a scary Halloween mask. She’s not frightened. He removes the mask and Lani and JJ appear. “Ben escaped,” JJ tells them. He calls Chad to explain.

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Episode # 13205Steve and Kayla don’t notice Ben Weston as he walks by them at the hospital in scrubs. Kay’s dressed as a kitty while Steve’s a cowboy. She’s uneasy this year because of last year’s “Halloween horror show” when Orpheus nailed her and Marlena into coffins and tried to burn them up. Steve vows that the dead will stay dead this year. They kiss. He goes to check on the pub for Roman who is in Chicago. Meanwhile, Ben arrives at the morgue and to Dr. Rolf’s dead body on a slab. He injects Rolf with something and Rolf wakes up gasping for air. Ben welcomes him to “the land of the living” and introduces himself. Ben asks him to work his magic on his victims. Later, Steve has left and Kayla gets into an elevator with Ben and Rolf dressed in scrubs.

Downstairs at DiMera mansion, Chad and Abigail have dressed. Abby goes to pack and Chad calls to get the plane ready for a trip.

Rolf arrives at Serena Mason’s gravesite and digs it up. He goes to another grave…

Episode # 13205At the Horton square, Hope, Lani and JJ discuss ordering people off the streets because of Ben. Rafe calls. A grave has been disturbed and he’s headed to the cemetery. Hope meets him there while Lani and JJ split up to cover more ground. JJ sees Paige who rushes to him and hugs him. JJ’s confused. “Who are you?” Paige promises it’s her. Lani returns. The women give each other the evil eye as JJ tries to explain who each woman is. “You’ve been cheating on me again?” Paige yells. She grabs a nearby pitchfork and stabs Lani, killing her instantly. Paige asks JJ to make love to her. He wants nowhere near her. She says if it helps, he can call her Eve. When JJ refuses, she takes his gun and shoots him dead.

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Kayla meets Steve at the pub. They’re both out of costume. Steve tells her there are no smashed pumpkins this year. Steve gets them beer and Kayla is still uneasy. She fusses with a neck scarf and then professes her love for him, calling him the love of her life. They kiss. Kayla’s neck is sore. Steve promises a back rub later. A cop comes to the door and tells Steve that his wife has been strangled to death. Steve laughs. “My wife is right here.” He motions to the table they were sitting at but Kay’s gone.

Back at the cemetery, Hope and Rafe run into Rolf. Hope doesn’t understand how Rolf pulled off his own resurrection. “Activate satellite,” Rolf says into his watch. Hope falls unconscious. Rafe holds her and glares at Rolf, asking what he did to her. When she awakens, she pushes Rafe away. She’s turned into Princess Gina. Rafe’s astounded. Rolf tells Gina who Rafe is. Rolf stole a tiara from a child. He places it on Gina’s head. Gina looks Rafe over, calling him “a rather delicious specimen,” but her heart belongs to John. Rafe’s Episode # 13205speechless. Rolf tells Gina to shoot him. Rolf ties Rafe up and Gina worries that people will hear. Rolf gives Gina an orange-colored lipstick that she can use to kiss him with that has poison in it. She uses a base that ensures she is protected and complains at the orange color. Rolf rolls his eyes. Rafe begs Hope to fight Gina but Gina kisses him. Rafe dies in her arms. Gina feels Rafe’s love and tears up. “He loved her,” Gina says. “He loved me,” she says, before snapping back to Hope. She yells at Rolf.

Back at the DiMera mansion, Serena Mason appears to Chad. He rubs his eyes. “This isn’t real.” Serena sets down her elephant statue and preens in the mirror. She thinks she looks good for being “a couple years dead.” They discuss last time he saw her at the club when they were drinking. She blames Chad for Ben killing her. Abigail appears. She’s confused. Serena’s there to kill Chad. Abigail says Ben’s the one who killed her. Serena muses that she’ll kill him next. She attacks Chad and murders him, then focuses on Abby. She smashes Abs in the head with her elephant.

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Steve is taken to the hospital by the cop.Episode # 13205 He sees Kay’s body on a slab and sobs. Ben appears. He’s sorry. “I didn’t want to hurt her.” Steve looks aghast and grabs Ben and strangles him to death.

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Back at the mansion, Abigail wakes up with a start. Chad turns the light on. “What’s wrong?” Abs has had a nightmare about Ben. She shares the whole bad dream about Serena coming back from the dead, Paige killing Lani and JJ, and Steve killing Ben and snuggles Chad. She’s embarrassed. Chad laughs that she should find a better book to read before bed because there are several parallels between her dream and Jane Eyre! They make love and neither notices the elephant statue is on the side table.

Back at SPD, JJ and Lani find Hope and Rafe together. They call it a night Episode # 13205since it’s been so quiet.

At the hospital, Kayla meets Steve and tells her there were no bodies missing from the morgue this year. “I think that’s a win,” she says. Meanwhile, down at the morgue, Dr. Rolf’s body lies lifeless.

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