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Justin talks to someone on a call, worried about how Lucas will take the news that Bonnie, not Adrienne, dumped him. He knocks on Lucas’ door at Salem Inn. Lucas answers. He’s angry. Justin pushes his way in and attempts to update him on what happened to Bonnie but Lucas can’t focus because he’s so drunk. Justin leaves.

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In Statesville, Adrienne daydreams that she’s helping Sonny prepare for his wedding to Paul.Episode # 13203 Sonny arrives and the two share an emotion-filled reunion and hug. He’s sorry for all she’s gone through and for not noticing that Bonnie took over her life. Sonny updates his mom with what happened during his wedding. She cries. Adrienne admits that when Justin rescued her, she kissed him. Justin appears. Adrienne’s free to go! Sonny goes off to find Paul and Justin asks his ex to prepare herself. Lucas is suffering.

At the square, Paul flashes to his last discussion about Will with Sonny. John appears and Paul tells his dad he’s trying to retrace Dr. Rolf’s steps before he came to Salem but hasn’t gotten anywhere yet. John asks how he’s doing. Paul can’t fight a memory.

Episode # 13203Marlena bails a grateful Sami out of jail at SPD. Hope appears and says they’ve a solid lead. If it pans out, it’ll lead them to whomever Rolf was working for. Sami wants to know everything and asks Hope, “What if it were Zack?” Marlena urges her daughter not to do this. Hope understands. Every instinct as a cop is telling her not to do this but she reveals their lead to Sami, which is an address. Sami kisses her in thanks and Marlena promises she’ll go with Sami and keep her out of trouble.

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At the Kiriakis mansion, Eric belts Brady in the head and Brady goes down. “Is that the best you’ve got, Brother?” he asks, before Eric attacks him again. Brady fights back and they get into a brawl. Brady’s about to smash Eric in the face with a crystal whiskey decanter when Victor walks in and yells to stop. Eric and Brady agree this isn’t over but Eric leaves. Victor tells Brady to cut his loss “when it comes to that She-Devil” and is pleased to learn Brady blackmailed Nicole into leaving town. Victor asks what happened. Brady explains that he was right. His brother and girlfriend had sex. Brady says it hurts more that she didn’t even deny it. Victor asks if it would have been better if she made something up like, “Eric and I didn’t mean to have sex, I tripped over his cat and landed on him.” Brady snaps that Eric doesn’t have a cat and he’s in no joking mood. Now, Brady feels guilty and like he has let Nicole get away with something. “Then don’t,” Victor says. He encourages Brady to let the hatred flow through him, like The Emperor in “Star Wars.” Brady still has the amulet so Victor tells him to give it to the police and turn Nicole in. Brady can’t take Holly from her mother. Victor says Deimos deserves a proper burial now that Hope has decided to release the body. “Why not just feed it to a pack of wild dogs or something?” Victor says because no matter what, Deimos was family.

Eric runs into Horton Center and gets the medical kit out to wrap his hand while he pines over Nicole. Jennifer approaches and he tries to make a run for it. She stops him and bandages him up while he briefly explains about the fight with his brother. Jenn and Eric agree that when they said goodbye to Nicole, she seemed frightened. They wonder why. Eric thanks Jenn for listening and patching him up. He’ll pray for his brother and focus on those who need him at the Horton Center.

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Sonny finds Paul and John at the square. Sami and Marlena approach and tell them they’ve hired a private jet to go follow the lead on Will. Sami doesn’t want Lucas coming along because he’s a “hot mess.”

Adrienne lets herself into Lucas’ room at Salem Inn. It’s a mess and littered with empty bottles of alcohol. She worries.

Lucas arrives at SPD to ask Hope for an update on his son’s case. He asks where Sami, Sonny and Paul are.

Sami, John, Marlena, Paul and Sonny arrive in Memphis, to a creepy cabin that’s playing eerie Halloween music. Somebody appears to them and they stare…

At the gravesite, Vic says Brady could have killed Eric and landed in his footsteps. He knows Brady didn’t want to be like him but isn’t so sure anymore. They turn to go and Eve Donovan appears.

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Eve shocks Victor and Brady.

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