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Episode # 13201JJ and Lani arrive at Salem Inn and Hope fills them in on Sami Brady’s arrest and what happened between her and Dr. Rolf. They ponder who he was working with. Lani goes through Rolf’s medical bag and finds a tablet in a hidden compartment. Hope makes a call to their tech team while JJ contacts an old friend. The couple reminisces about their time on the plane in Greece and hopes for a non-working vacation soon. JJ gets into Rolf’s tablet where he finds algorithms and formulas. Hope finds that Rolf was getting regular payments. They plan to follow the money trail.

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At the Horton Square, Eli tells Gabi that Sheila was like a sister to him. She and her brother Russell Watkins grew up in Baltimore with him. Since Val worked long hours at the hospital, they were latch-key kids. They had good times and made a pact to have each other’s back but things turned and they got into trouble shoplifting and doing vandalism. Episode # 13201The cops and Val scared Eli straight and Val ordered him to stay away from his friends. He did and a few months later, he heard that Sheila and Russell moved to Chicago and sold drugs. Eli had become a cop and had to arrest them. He used their trust to further his career. When they met a few weeks ago, Sheila commented on how she was glad there was still justice around. Eli explains that an inmate in prison stabbed and killed Russell and Eli feels responsible. Gabi tries to console Eli, but he can’t get that disappointed look of Sheila’s out of his head when she asked him for help and he denied her. Gabs thinks he’ll get another chance to make things right. They walk to the pub.

Sheila finds Bonnie calling a taxi in the park and tells her cohort to cancel it. Sheila wants the money promised to her but Bonnie hasn’t got it. She was busted by the Kiriakis clan and needs to get out of Episode # 13201town. Sheila’s pissed. She hasn’t even been paid yet for working as a maid. Sheila regrets not helping Adrienne when she asked. “She said you’d stiff me.” Bonnie again states she has no money and Mimi won’t take her calls. Sheila asks for her pin, the one Mickey gave Bonnie. Bonnie cries as she hands it over. She tells Sheila it’s the only thing she has left of Mickey. She asks if Sheila understands. Sheila does and gives the pin back. Bonnie’s grateful. They two hug and say their goodbyes. Bonnie walks by the Horton Square and whispers, “Don’t worry Salem. I’ll be back.”

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At Statesville, Steve tells the warden that Bonnie Lockhart is on the lam and innocent Adrienne Johnson was forced to take her place. The warden wants Steve to prove it. Steve asks to speak to Hattie Adams. Hattie’s sent in and explains to everyone how Adrienne wound up in prison. The warden doesn’t believe the story. Meanwhile, Adrienne and Justin share an intense reunion with crying and kissing. Justin questions the kiss. The guard appears to take “Bonnie” to solitary but Justin throws his weight around and yells that it’s not going to happen. The guard goes and Adrienne tells Justin all about her time in prison. Justin explains that Lucas sounded so terrible on the phone earlier because he fell off the wagon. Adrienne cries. Justin updates her on Rolf’s claims that Will is alive. She’s stunned. Back in the warden’s office, Kayla suggests a DNA test to confirm that Adrienne is who she claims. He allows that. Kayla and Steve head to the rEpisode # 13201oom Justin and Adrienne are in. They hug and Adrienne says she recalled how strong Joey was when Orpheus kidnapped her. She tried to be strong, too. Steve and Kayla’s faces fall and Adrienne questions them. They admit Joey’s in prison for killing Ava. Adrienne feels terrible that she wasn’t there for him, Sonny or Lucas. She sobs in Kayla’s arms. Adrienne wants to go home but Kayla explains she’s waiting on her medical records to arrive and they’re swabbing for DNA. Once the swabs are taken, Steve and Kayla leave Justin with Adrienne. They discuss the kiss and agree it was just a kiss. Steve and Kayla return with Hattie who is going to be her bodyguard while she’s still in the big house. It could take 24 hours to get the DNA results back.

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Eli and Gabi find Sheila outside the pub. Gabi gives them space and Eli apologizes to Sheila and offers his help.

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