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At the Kiriakis mansion, Steve tells the room that “Adrienne” is really Bonnie Lockhart. Everyone sucks in some breath, stunned by the news. Maggie cries out and Justin yells for Episode # 13199Bonnie to be honest. Bonnie admits it’s true. “Took ya long enough,” she says. She regrets nothing and informs Maggie she had it coming. Sheila decides it’s time for her to go clean some toilets. She scoots out and Bonnie calls Mickey the love of her life but that Maggie ruined everything.”The nerve of the woman, letting her grieving husband know that she was alive.” Maggie wasn’t trying to hurt Bonnie. She tears up and calls Bonnie “deeply disturbed.” Steve asks what Bonnie did with Adrienne. Bonnie explains that Anjelica started this whole thing. Bonnie relays the entire story about how Anjelica and Hattie drugged Adrienne. Bonnie won’t say where Adrienne is. Steve asks if she’s in Bayview but then they wonder if she’s in Statesville. Bonnie finally admits it. Steve and Kayla rush there while Brady tells Bonnie it’s time to go back to prison. Bonnie rushes Maggie, who falls on her ass, and leaves the house maggie-and-victor-hug-home-days-nbcwith Brady following. Victor and Maggie talk things out about Deimos. She’s not going to turn Victor in. She’s glad that Victor didn’t harm Xander, either. They snuggle and Maggie’s glad Lucas will learn that it wasn’t Adrienne who broke his heart. He needs to know. Brady interjects. He lost Bonnie.

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At Statesville, Adrienne mutters to herself while she waits for the phone to be free so she can call Justin again. Another girl jumps in front of the line and knows “Bonnie” doesn’t have phone privileges. She threatens to call the guard so annoyed, Adrienne waits. Finally, the phone is available but the guard walks up. Once he’s gone, Adrienne makes a call.

Sonny visits Will’s grave. Lucas appears with a bottle in one hand and an attitude. “Get away from my boy,” he says. Lucas cries as they talk about the possibility that Will is alive. Sonny has hope while Lucas believes hope can “cut you up into little pieces.” He tosses back some booze. Lucas receives a call from an unknown number. It’s Adrienne. Lucas doesn’t want to listen to her when she asks for help. Sonny grabs the phone from Lucas and Adrienne sobs. Before she can tell him where she is, a guard disconnects and tells her she’s going back into solitary. Adrienne screams. Justin races in and demands the guard leave her alone. He holds Adrienne as she cries. Justin lets her know that Steve’s talking to the warden. They kiss as she sobs.

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rolf-as-medical-examiner-days-nbcAt the Salem Inn, Hope asks Dr. Rolf who else he’s working for. Rolf wonders why he’d tell them anything. Sami, who has Commissioner Brady’s gun on him, says if he doesn’t, she’ll shoot him. Hope finally asks Sami for the gun but Sami refuses. Rolf admits he saw Sami and Lucas at the morgue the day Will died and she saw him. Rolf flashes back to Hope telling Sami and Lucas that the medical examiner was there. Turns out Rolf was the medical examiner. This is disturbing to the women. Rolf remembers injecting Will with a substance. As Sami and Hope reel over that, Rolf takes something from his pocket and slips it in his mouth. He starts to shake and foams at the mouth before he dies. He smells like bitter almonds, Hope says. He took cyanide. Sami is pissed. Hope calls it in and refuses to let Sami search Rolf’s room. She places Sami under arrest as Sami’s eyes bug out in disbelief.

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eli-shuts-gabi-down-days-nbcGabi brings Eli cookies at the Horton Square. She suggests he bring them to work. Eli thanks her for the cookies but he can make friends on his own. She realizes he’s asking her to “butt out.” Sheila interrupts. She pulls Eli aside and asks him to make her disappear. “Listen homeboy, you owe me and you know it. If it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t have been locked up in the first place.” Eli refuses so she returns to Gabi and warns that Eli will stab her in the back, too. She goes.

Hope takes Sami to SPD and blames her for Rolf’s suicide. Sami doesn’t care. Hope reminds Sami she broke the law. “This from the woman who shot Stefano DiMera?” Sami says, incredulously. Hope sighs. Sami’s not complaining. She calls Lucas. Sonny answers. She orders him to get to SPD. Lucas and Sonny arrive later and Sami reveals that she thinks Will is alive.

Sheila finds Bonnie in the park calling for a taxi and warns that she’s not going anywhere.

Hope returns to Salem Inn to ask CSI to look for surveillance devices.

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