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steve-plans-stopping-wedding-days-jjAt the pub, Steve tells Kayla he’s going to stop that wedding between Victor and “Adrienne.” Kay thinks it’s possible Adrienne’s going through PTSD after the cancer. Steve doesn’t buy it. They’re missing something. Kayla admits that Jennifer told her that Adrienne is suddenly another person, who is incapable of working at The Spectator. Steve’s eyes widen. He thinks he knows what’s going on.

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At the Kiriakis mansion, Maggie stops the wedding. “Adrienne” yells, “I’m marrying the man of my dreams and this time you’re not going to screw it up.” Maggie asks what she’s referring to. Bonnie tries to cover and demands Victor get rid of Maggie but Victor just grins, calling Mags a force of nature. Justin strolls in. He refuses to believe she’s in love with wedding-stopped-days-jjVictor after barely tolerating him. Sheila steps in. “Maybe the love bug got…” Justin tells her to shut up. Bonnie gets angrier by the second and when Justin gives Victor a nod, Victor tells Bonnie he doesn’t want to marry her. Brady’s baffled. Bonnie threatens Victor who tells Sheila to empty “Adrienne’s” belongings from his room. Bonnie tells the room that Victor put a hit on his “very own brother” and since he’s not marrying her, he’ll be off to prison. Justin, Brady and Maggie inform “Adrienne” that they already know about that and the blackmail. “Adrienne” vows to tell everyone. Victor doesn’t care. She’s got no leverage. Xander’s sentence was cut short and he has disappeared! Bonnie looks ill. Steve and Kayla walk in as Justin’s telling “Adrienne” that she’s not the woman he knows and loves. Steve agrees. She’s Bonnie Lockhart. Everyone glances around the room in shock.

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Jennifer arrives at the farmhouse to see how Eric has turned it into a gigantic mess. Eric shows Jenn Nicole’s photo and says he has lost everything that ever mattered to him. Jenn says Nicole told her what happened. Eric asks her to explain, because he doesn’t get it. Jenn explains the lie that Nicole told her that she couldn’t go through with telling Brady the truth so left town. Eric feels terrible for talking to Jenn about his feelings for Nicole. Jenn offers to help clean up but he won’t have it. At Jenn’s urging, Eric shares what happened. The more he thinks about it, he assumes Brady had something to do with her change of heart. They discuss that and Jenn winds up telling him to come back to Salem. Sami and his parents need him, especially after the news that Will could be alive. Besides, how will the Horton Center survive? Eric realizes she’s right. He hugs Jenn and kisses her head. He packs, leaving behind his box of photos of Nicole and they leave the place a shambles.

At the DiMera mansion, Sami yells at Andre for not telling her that Dr. Rolf was in Salem. Kate defends Sami’s right to know if the man who claims Will is alive is in town. Besides, he won’t talk to a cop! Andre wanted to confront Rolf himself but Kate convinced him not to. Sami thinks that was a boneheaded move. She learns where Hope and Rolf are and races off. Once she’s gone, Kate defends Sami, which puzzles Andre. Kate confides that she misses Sami being around. Andre’s stunned. “You’re mellowing old girl.” Kate denies it. She’s dying to know what Rolf is saying to Sami right now. Andre tries to take her mind off things by asking her questions about Will. She tells her husband a few stories about him. She sobs and worries that he wasn’t resurrected. Andre hugs her and promises she’ll be fine. He’ll see to it. Kate stops crying and shares a meaningful look with Andre.

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Hope turns up on Dr. Rolf’s door at the Salem Inn. He’s surprised to see the 1[1]woman who killed Stefano DiMera in cold blood at his doorstep. Hope questions him about bragging to Clyde Weston in Statesville that Will Horton is alive. Rolf plays dumb but Hope presses on. When he refuses to respond, Hope opens the door and tells him they’ll head to the station. Sami barges in and grabs Hope’s gun. She trains it on Rolf and demands he start talking. Hope tries to reason with Sami but she hits Rolf in the noggin with Hope’s gun. He falls to the floor, clutching his bleeding head. Hope calls for backup while Sami screams at Rolf. Rolf tells her that things aren’t always as they appear. Cheating death is a specialty of his. Rolf reminisces about the good old days with Stefano but tells the women Stefano had nothing to do with the resurrection.

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