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Nicole meets Brady at the park. She left Holly with Chloe, so the kid wouldn’t hear the ugly things Brady would say to her. Brady talks about losing the women he loved over the years and how satisfied he is to control the rest of Nicole’s life. Brady doesn’t want Nicole to be happy. He turns to go but Nicole begs him to let her be with Eric. Brady tears up but says he’s done with women walking over him.

sami-call-nicole-bitch-days-nbcAt the farmhouse, Eric pines over Nicole. Sami bangs on the door. “I know you’re in there, butthead. Open the door.” He opens it and Sami holds out a birthday cake. “Happy crappy birthday to us,” she says, heading inside. She looks around, and calls it purgatory. They discuss claims that Will is alive and how she stopped John and Paul from digging up his grave. Eric’s surprised Andre is helping them find Rolf. Sami says supposedly, Andre has changed. Sami notices photos of Nicole on the bureau. Should she slice up a piece for Nicole, “So I can shove it in her face?” Eric admits she’s gone and not returning. Sami’s on the edge of her seat with glee until she learns Nicole dumped Eric. “That bitch.” Sami goes off the rails. Eric explains that Nic was set to move in until she spoke with Brady and then when she returned, it was like a switch was flipped. Sami gets an idea. She runs out. Eric thinks of Nicole dumping him and throws everything around the room in anger, cutting his hand in the process.

At SPD, Jennifer tells Hope their interview is concluded. Jenn’s grateful Hope reinstated JJ. They believe Hope got through to him. Off the record, they discuss Ben and Clyde’s claims that Dr. Rolf brought Will back to life.

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bonnie-tells-adrienne-to-get-lost-days-nbc In the foyer at the Kiriakis mansion, Bonnie urgesadrienne-yell-at-bonnie-days-nbc Justin to take the call coming in, but Maggie appears with her luggage and as Justin helps her bring it to the car, Bonnie notes that the call is coming from Statesville. She answers the call, “Adrienne Kiriakis.” The real Adrienne cries and snaps that she’s Adrienne Kiriakis. She wants Justin but Bonnie refuses to let her speak with him. Adrienne says Hattie ratted her out and Steve’s hunting her. Bonnie tells Adrienne to get lost and disconnects. When Justin returns, she says she took a call from a jailbird looking for a lawyer. bonnie-and-vic-wedding-days-nbcJustin doesn’t seem to care. He’s more concerned that she’s marrying Victor. Bonnie says that she and Justin are just too different now. Later, Bonnie is dolled up in her white dress she wanted to wear to Sonny’s wedding. Vic’s in a tux with the Justice of the Peace next to him. Vic notices she’s wearing Maggie’s brooch. Bonnie says it was a gift from Mick…she stops herself and Victor narrows his eyes. Bonnie fires the JOP. She hired a Celebrant of her own. Sheila walks in. “Let’s do this.” Brady interrupts and Vic asks him to stay as a witness. Sheila starts the wedding and almost calls Adrienne Bonnie. Maggie interrupts.

Andre approaches Kate at the DiMera mansion with “wonderful news about Will.” Dr. Rolf made contact and Andre convinced him to come to Salem. His plane arrived moments ago. Andre plans on waiting for him and getting the andre-says-rolf-is-in-salem-days-nbctruth about Will from him. Kate thinks that’s a terrible idea. They need to protect Andre’s image. Not to mention he should fear the doctor, who probably has mind-altering drugs on him. He agrees to let the cops handle it.

Andre turns up in Hope’s office to ask her to find Rolf at Salem Inn. He hands her an envelope with the Phoenix stamped on it to give to Rolf.

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Sami runs into Nicole at the square. Nicole asks how she and the kids are but Sami doesn’t want a reunion. She heard what Nic did to her brothers. Eric’s in shreds. Nicole tears up. She did this for Holly and knows Sami would have done the same thing. Sami wishes her old frenemy luck and goes. Jenn pops up, surprised to see Sami walk by. Nicole talks to Jenn about what happened with Eric. Jenn’s sorry she’s leaving. They part ways and Nicole later returns with Holly and vows to return to Salem one day.

Sami stops by the DiMera mansion. She and Kate lock eyes and hug. They cry and commiserate over the allegations about Will, aboutrolf-sees-hope-days-nbc Lucas falling off the wagon. Sami mocks Kate for marrying Stefano 2.0 but Kate muses that he has his good points. He found Rolf.

Hope arrives at Salem Inn, slides the paper under the door and when Rolf answers, he’s shocked to see her.

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Jenn arrives at the farmhouse and lets herself in. The place is a shambles.

On the next Days of our Lives:

Jennifer goes to Eric’s farmhouse to ask him to come home.

Eve returns.

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