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At the DiMera mansion, Sami grabs Chad in a kiss. Abigail walks in and Chad breaks away. They both ask what Sami’s doing. Sami grins. She couldn’t help herself. She’s thrilled for their wedding. Abigail assumes that was payback for the affair Abs had with EJ. Episode # 13197Sami mocks her and Chad decides to ignore it, since he knows Sami’s upset over Will. Talk turns to Dr. Rolf and Andre appears. He’s unhappy to see Sami and asks why she thinks he’d help her find Rolf or Will. They bicker over Sami getting EJ’s inheritance over Andre. When Andre refuses to help Sami, Chad defends Sami and Abigail invites Andre to do it for her. Sami rolls her eyes as Andre agrees to it. Sami thanks Chad and Abby and agrees to leave the past forgotten. Sami goes.

Steve arrives at Statesville and an inmate flirts with him while he waits for Hattie. She walks in, “Hey Patchy. What’s shakin’?” He wants to know what she did to his sister. She plays dumb. Steve details how strangely his sister is acting and asks if Hattie hypnotized Adrienne. Hattie denies it. Steve knows she’s lying. He issues her a warning and then departs. Adrienne hears his voice and rushes in but the guard stops her from following her brother. He goes and Hattie fills Adrienne in on the visit. Adrienne can’t believe what Bonnie has done now. Adrienne tells her fellow inmate that Steve’s a private investigator with John Black. Hattie knows that means Steve’s warning was real. She agrees to help Adrienne and hands over her calling card. She calls Justin.Episode # 13197

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In the Kiriakis foyer, Justin demands “Adrienne” tell her what’s going on with her. She claims she and Victor fell in love. They head into the parlor so Victor can tell him and get an eyeful of him making out with Maggie. Bonnie yelps and Victor tells Maggie to stop. He’s “Adrienne’s” now. He hands over divorce papers as Maggie cries. Neither her nor Justin believe this. “You’ll get a divorce over my dead body,” Maggie yells. She asks Justin to represent her. Justin looks through the papers and comments on how generous Victor’s been. “Adrienne” cranes her neck to see the papers and wants to know “how generous.” Maggie finally signs and Bonnie gloats. Maggie and Justin leave and Victor wonders why Bonnie’s so fixed on his wife. Bonnie just snipes that they need to get married today. She expects him to arrange it while she dresses. He wonders how she’s not concerned that he’ll plan her demise. Bonnie laughs. “You wouldn’t want to end up in the slammer.” She goes and runs into Justin. His phone rings…

At the loft, Theo and Claire make out on their sofa. Theo learns Claire got Tripp a job at Mandalay and becomes jealous, thinking it means they’ll be spending a lot of time together. Claire points out that Tripp will be able to pay his share of their rent and Theo’s the one she loves. She wants his insecurity to stop. They kiss.

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Tripp waits on Kayla’s table at Mandalay. It’s awkward. They talk about the hospital allocating the funds he provided and she brings up Steve asking him not to go to Chad and Abigail’s wedding. Though it would have been hard on her having him there, they can’t avoid each other. Tripp’s Steve’s son and is a part of their lives. She’ll make it work. Tripp grins. He appreciates it. Kayla will show him that she accepts him. He goes back to work and Steve appears. Episode # 13197She shares that she’s trying to make progress, which makes him happy. He tells her that his trip to Statesville got him nowhere.

Sami sits at Will’s grave and cries. She says her pain after losing him hasn’t gotten easier. She talks about finding new photos of him for Arianna and sends him her love. She worries he could be ill, or being held captive if he’s alive. She swears to find him.

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