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At the pub, Steve and Kayla reminisce about the cleaning lady getting an eyeful this morning when they stayed in bed late. They discuss telling Joey about Ben’s return. Steve’s mother calls and tells Steve that the woman “inhabiting Adrienne’s body” isn’t her daughter. She and Steve talk for a few moments and disconnect. Steve and Kayla go over Adrienne’s strange behavior and wonder if Justin has any answers.

Chad confronts Andre in the parlor at the DiMera mansion about ruining Hattie Adams’ life. The board wants him to resign. Andre’s stricken but defensive. They argue and Chad says he has to beg for another chance and counteract the publicity. Andre comes up with a plan to bring Jennifer Horton to Statesville where she can record him apologizing to Hattie for the public.

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Adrienne pulls the plug on Hattie’s computer at Statesville just as she’s writing to the Governor for a pardon. Hattie gets bent out of shape. Adrienne wants Hattie to make a call for her but Hattie can’t betray Bonnie’s friendship. Adrienne reminds her she’ll be betraying Hope’s friendship – she’s family. Hattie considers it but she’s too worried she’ll be seen as a rat. She tells Adrienne she’s on her own.

Episode # 13196Bonnie sits at Mickey Horton’s graveyard and tosses Maggie’s flowers aside. She places her own flowers in front of the stone and says that she never got over how Maggie stole him from her. It’s revenge time. She eats potato chips and recalls that at one point, Maggie was in a wheelchair, then fantasizes about a scenario between her and Maggie from the film, Episode # 13196“What Ever Happened to Baby Jane.” Bonnie brings wheelchair bound Maggie lunch – a dead rat. As Maggie screams at how revolting it is, Bonnie laughs it up. Maggie falls out of her wheelchair and Bonnie laughs and asks, “What’s the matter? Have you fallen and can’t get up?” She grins, then flashes to Victor asking Maggie for a divorce. She has another fantasy, called “Bonnie Dearest,” where Maggie’s dusting the figurines while Bonnie sips a cocktail. When Bonnie notices that Maggie missed a spot, the figurine falls and smashes. Maggie gasps and Bonnie cackles while she smashes a few more figurines.

Episode # 13196At the Kiriakis mansion, Justin makes a call to somebody about Adrienne’s behavior. Sonny appears and says Dr. Rolf is the one who claims Will is alive. Sonny grins, knowing that Will wouldn’t be the first person Rolf has resurrected. Sonny may have figured a way to track Rolf down. He goes and Steve and Kayla arrive. They commiserate with Justin about how Adrienne has lost her mind. Justin fills them in on Adrienne’s plan to marry Victor. Steve and Kayla’s eyes bug out. Justin asks if it could be a reaction to chemotherapy. Kayla doubts it though everyone reacts differently to chemo. Justin wonders if Hattie Adams has something to do with this. Maybe Hattie hypnotized Adrienne or is controlling her from prison. After Steve and Kay leave, “Adrienne” arrives and Justin questions what’s going on with her.

Episode # 13196Sami strolls into Marlena’s office and startles her mother. Marlena begins to cry and the women embrace. Sami explains she saw Arianna at Salem Inn this morning. She confides that she can’t stay at the townhouse after what John and Paul did at the cemetery. Marlena heard. She doesn’t defend John at Sami’s behest and knows it must have been “unspeakably painful.” Sami sobs that despite this craziness, it’s good to be home. They discuss Lucas being drunk and Marlena’s convinced Sami can help him get sober. Sami blames Adrienne for breaking Lucas’ heart. “I’m going to kill her,” Sami tells her mom. Marlena stops her from calling Adrienne, though she agrees that the woman has been making surprising choices lately. Marlena asks Sami to focus on Lucas, not her bitterness toward Adrienne. They discuss Sami’s hopes being dashed about EJ being alive and Sami starts to cry. She talks about going from city to city in Europe, looking for EJ, only for her hopes to be dashed, time after time. She told the kids they were on a globetrotting adventure. Sami let her kids down. Marlena barks out, “No,” telling her daughter that’s not true. Sami’s heartache turns to talk of how much she misses Will. She decides to talk to Andre since she knows Sonny’s requesting his help to find Rolf.

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Sonny arrives at the DiMera mansion and overhears Andre saying he could do a good deed. Sonny suggests Andre help him look for Dr. Rolf. Andre agrees to try.

Steve and Kayla pace in the square. Steve plans a trip to Statesville to talk to Hattie.

Episode # 13196Sami shows up at the DiMera mansion. She notices the new furniture. Chad approaches. “This is a surprise.” Sami says, “No. This is.” She grabs him and kisses him.

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