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Episode # 13193The show was pre-empted before it began at 1:00 PM EST for an NBC News Special Report. They joined “Days” in progress at 1:20 PM EST.

At the farmhouse, Marlena visits Eric. She says a pre-happy birthday to him and asks if he’ll return to Salem to celebrate with her and Sami. He tells her he got the best present he could have – he’s with Nicole again. Marlena purses her lips. Eric thinks Brady took it well. Perhaps he was expecting it. He hopes this doesn’t create issues for Mar and John. Marlena tells her son he has to live in whatever manner makes him happy. Marlena brings up Will. Though she and John don’t want Paul hurt, how can she not wish her grandson back? They hug as she tears up and she goes.

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Episode # 13194At the Kiriakis mansion, Brady vows to send Nicole to prison if she tries to reconnect with his brother again. He plays her confession that he recorded. She calls this unfair. Brady reminds her he literally had his heart ripped out of his chest for Eric and recounts all he has done for her, even almost dying for her so Nicole could be with Holly – a girl he calls his daughter now. Nicole’s sorry. Brady doesn’t know how to explain this to Tate so instead, he blackmails Nicole, telling her he wants her to break his brother’s heart the way she broke his. She asks how and he details that she should dump him and leave Salem permanently. Nicole’s shocked. “Who are you?” He says she, “Theresa, Kristen and every other whore” turned him into this.

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At the square, Paul asks John if they can talk to Sami about exhuming Will’s body. John calls Sami a loose cannon and thinks it’d be a slap in the face to Lucas, too, if they went over his head. Paul suggests they exhume it themselves. John says it’s illegal. Paul shrugs. He’s frightened the distance he’s feeling with Sonny will continue to grow. He eventually convinces John to do it – respectfully, of course. John whispers that they’ll do it tonight.

Episode # 13193At SPD, Hope tells Lani that she spoke with Shane at the ISA about using their help to find Rolf and Will. Lani brings up JJ’s suspension and speaks on his behalf. She’s persuasive.

At the DiMera mansion, JJ tells Abigail all about his disciplinary case. She’s supportive. He gives her a gift – it’s a toy train, a family heirloom.

JJ finds Lani with Hope at SPD. He apologizes to Hope and tells her he agrees she made the right call. Hope doesn’t want to be accused of favoritism but Lani and Rafe are struggling to keep up with their caseload so he’s back on the force. She hands over the Deimos Kiriakis case and JJ is shocked. He thanks her.

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Episode # 13193

John and Paul arrive at the cemetery with a wheelbarrow and shovels. John ignores a call from Doc. Paul feels apprehensive but John says she’ll find out soon enough what they’re doing. Paul apologizes to Will before they start digging but before John can put his shovel to the ground, Sami appears. “Don’t…even think about it!”

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