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As Nicole walks into the Kiriakis mansion, she calls Eric about holding on to their love while she is about to devastate Brady. Brady’s about to take a drink when she finds him in the parlor. He kisses her and asks how everything went with “Brandon.” She tries to go check on Holly but he says she’s fine. With Brady’s encouragement, Nicole confesses she lied and was with Eric last night. Brady knew. He calls her out on dropping off her child that they fought hard for her to keep, so she could have a romantic rendezvous with his brother. Nic says she didn’t plan that. She wanted to convince Eric to return to Salem. “How did you convince him?” Brady asks, seething. Nic confirms they had sex but swears nothing happened before then. She apologizes. Brady’s disgusted and soon realizes she doesn’t want to work past this. She reveals she wants to be with Eric. She loves him. She’s grateful for all he has done for her. He’s her best friend, she says, sniffing and snivelling. Brady comments that she’s grateful for him helping cover up her murdering Deimos. He yells that he’s had enough lying bitches in his life and she’s no different. Nicole cries more and says she’ll always remember his kindness and how he made her feel safe. She’s going back to the farmhouse to live. She thinks he deserves someone who can love him with her whole heart and he agrees. “Get out of my sight, now,” he says, fuming. She goes and once in the foyer, calls Eric with an update.

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Episode # 13192At the pub, Kate’s about to tell Roman and Marlena about her visit with Clyde when John walks in. She tells them all that the inmate who claims that Will is alive has a long history with John. Dr. Wilhelm Rolf, Stefano’s old cohort. Everyone’s aghast. Clyde struck up a conversation and once Rolf learned Clyde was the father of the Necktie Killer, he disclosed that he’s the one who revived Will after he was murdered. That’s all Kate knows. She’s not even sure why Rolf was in Statesville. They speculate on how this could be and if it’s true, where is Will? Marlena wonders if Rolf was still following orders from Stefano. Roman suggests Stefano was trying to clear Chad’s name by reviving Will. They know Stefano has pulled off diabolically crazy stuff in the past with Rolf’s help. John wants to pay him a visit but Kate says he was released from prison. The warden doesn’t know where he went. John puts in a call to the ISA while Marlena and Kate cry. John says the ISA will hunt for Rolf. Kate goes to tell Sonny and John goes to track Paul down. Roman says they need to call Sami. Marlena makes the call.

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Outside the club, Julie and Chloe bicker about what to name their club.Episode # 13192 Chloe has taped a paper sign over Doug’s Place which reads ‘Club Chloe’. Julie doesn’t like it and when asked to referee, Maggie refuses and runs off. Julie says Doug’s Place evokes the beautiful history of Salem and gives an aura of class, while Chloe finds Club Chloe more hip and cool. “That’s where the money is,” she states. Julie thinks that “sounds like a diva’s vanity trip to me.” She’ll let Chloe break Doug’s heart by explaining they’ve changed the name. Chloe knows she’s playing on her sympathies and it won’t work. Julie chills and they talk swatches for their office. Chloe chooses lime green and Julie rolls her eyes.

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At Mandalay, “Adrienne” shows Victor that she wrote down his conversation with Xander about hiring someone to off Deimos. Victor barks that Xander never killed Deimos because he was already dead. Bonnie asks who killed Deimos. Vic doesn’t know. He can understand why she’s upset. Bonnie says of course she is. Victor said nothing while ‘her’ son was in jail. She points out that Victor could go to prison for that. Vic asks what she wants. “There’s just one tiny thing I need you to do for me. Divorce Maggie and marry me,” she propositions. She claims she’s in love with him. Victor’s confused. She’s flip flopped between Lucas and Justin and now him? Maggie was right about her being fickle and heartless. “Maggie does know about being heartless, doesn’t she?” Bonnie snipes. Vic refuses to marry her so she pushes him. He loves Maggie. Maggie walks up and asks what’s going on. “Adrienne” says she has to go and Maggie again asks for answers.

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