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Kayla seems unsettled as she and Steve dance in Brady’s Pub. When they sit, Kayla wonders whether they should tell Joey about what happened at the wedding. Steve doesn’t want to keep things from him. Kayla agrees they should be honest…and hopes Steve would be honest with her about Tripp. She wants to know why Tripp wasn’t at the wedding. Steve eventually admits he told him to stay away. Kayla’s irked that he told his son she didn’t want him around, and warns. “Don’t ever do that again.” Steve apologizes for hurting her when he was trying to protect her. Kayla appreciates it, and concedes she can’t open her heart to Tripp right now, though Steve must think about what’s best for him. They both feel lucky and start kissing.

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In the loft, Tripp is singing along with Claire’s song when she and Theo arrive home. Theo seems suspicious as Tripp gushes about Claire’s singing, and asks about the wedding. Claire-Theo-heads-together-Days-JJClaire recounts the details of Ben’s appearance at the nuptials. Theo’s confident Hope will get to the bottom of it. When Claire leaves the room, Theo asks Tripp if he stayed home from the wedding because he likes Claire and she was his date. Tripp denies it, and Claire reappears and confirms they’re just friends. She’s so glad Theo gave her another chance. Tripp steps out, and Claire and Theo kiss, thrilled to be alone, before heading into the bedroom.

At the police station, Hope grills Ben about Clyde’s visit, Episode # 13187and whether his father gave him the idea that Will is alive. Ben muses that it’s starting to come back to him and flashes back to his amazement at seeing Clyde, who claimed he was there to help him escape and reunite with his son, Thomas. Hope informs Ben that Thomas is Chad DiMera’s son. He hollers at her to stop, and stews he’s had enough misery in his life. Hope circles back to Clyde telling him Will’s alive. Ben recalls questioning his ability to be a father since he killed three people, and Clyde informing him he only killed two – Serena and Paige, not Will. Hope insists Will is dead and buried. Ben flashes to telling Clyde he watched Will die, and Clyde musing that things aren’t always the way they look. Ben informs Hope he never heard from his father again after that.

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In the Kiriakis parlor, Victor hollers at Brady and Sonny, who are arguing about which of them should lead the company. Paul-Sonny-Victor-Brady-parlor-Days-JJThe pair keeps bickering. Sonny argues he moved the company forward, not backward. Paul arrives with the news about Clyde having visited Ben and explains Hope is trying to find out more. Victor urges them to get down to the police station, and advises Sonny that his family is not his enemy. After, Brady wonders aloud where Nicole and Holly have gotten to. Victor wonders if she went to see Eric, and Brady snaps irritably that Eric left town and Nicole’s not with him. Once alone, Brady checks his phone and mutters, “Come on, Nicole, where are you.”

At the farmhouse, Nicole tells Eric she knows why he left town and returned there because Chloe told her everything. Eric comes clean – Nicole is the reason he left; he loves her and never stopped. He explains Brady wanted him to fire her but he couldn’t do that. Nicole frets about him leaving the center; he’s important there. Eric protests that he can’t return and risk running into her and Brady. Nicole becomes emotional about him uprooting his life; it’s so wrong. Eric loves her so much he can’t allow himself to even be near her. Nicole reveals the biggest regret of her life is leaving Eric for Lucas. She asks if she was the reason Eric left Salem all those years ago and stayed away for so long. Nicole-Eric-temptation-Days-NBCEric concedes he had to move on. Now, he feels it’s unfair to burden her and Brady with his unrequited love. Nicole questions Brady giving Eric an ultimatum when he’s become one of her best friends. Eric will hold her close to his heart wherever he goes. Nicole breathes, “Eric. What if I don’t want you to go?” Eric urges her to go to the car before he does something he regrets. Nicole whispers, “Something like what?” He kisses her passionately.

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Sonny and Paul arrive at the station, where Hope updates them on her interview with Ben. Paul and Sonny debate about Clyde’s possible motives for telling Ben he didn’t kill Will. Hope decides the next move is to visit Clyde at Statesville. Paul wonders what if he won’t talk to them. Sonny muses that he knows someone he will talk to, and turns to look toward the holding room.

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