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Episode # 13184At St. Luke’s, Paul and Sonny recite their vows. Abby starts hers when there’s a collective gasp as everyone’s eyes turn to see Ben Weston, The Necktie Killer, open the doors. “I feel a bit underdressed. I should have worn a tie,” he says as Abby moves closer to Chad and hallucinates that she’s alone with Ben. She thinks she’s going nuts and tells him he has no power over her, then she snaps to and rushes him. She punches his lights out. He goes down. She demands answers as Hope calls someone. Gabi tells Eli who Ben is as JJ and Rafe grab Ben. He tells them how he broke out of Bayview, then tells Andre he wishes he’d have seen him at Bayview. He would have given payback for his father. He mocks Marlena and John for getting thrown into the psych ward and then tells Abby he has something important to say to Sonny. Sonny  yells at Ben for torturing and murdering the good people of Salem, including his husband. Ben tries to get a word in edgewise but Paul looks down as Sonny says he wonders Episode # 13184what would have happened if Will lived. Ben is there to make amends. He yells, “He’s alive. Will is alive. I swear.” Everyone’s mouths drop open. Marlena tears up. Gabi says she knows Will’s dead for a fact. Kate yells at him to “shut the hell up.” Ben’s psychiatrist arrives and Sonny asks Ben to explain. He wants to talk to Sonny alone but nobody’s willing to let that happen so the cops take him away. Paul hugs Sonny and Kate tells Andre she’s glad Lucas wasn’t there to hear that. Bonnie tells Victor she’s curious as to what Ben had to say. Victor and Maggie can’t believe it. After he murdered her son-in-law? Brady goes to check on Paul with John, giving him hugs, and support as Kayla goes to sit with Marlena, who has been thinking of Will all day. Sonny kicks himself for giving Ben the time of day. Chad and Abby try to get things started but Sonny needs a minute as he works through Ben’s words.

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At the police station, JJ and Rafe have Ben in the interrogation room. JJ tells Ben he’s going to spend the rest of his life locked up like an animal. Ben understands why JJ doesn’t trust him. JJ says yes, he murdered the woman he loved and because of Ben, Rafe didn’t get to know his sister. Ben knows. He hurt a lot of people and that’s why he’s there. In the outer room, Hope and Lani try to piece together how Ben escaped. Back in interrogation, JJ launches himself at Ben and Rafe throws him out of the room.

Back at the church, Abigail begins her vows. She’s smiling again and certain she and Chad can get through anything, especially after today. Chad tears up as Abby recounts their first date and kiss. Sonny flashes to good times with Will, including making love to him and cries. He apologizes. He can’t do this and runs out. Paul goes after him. Sonny loves Paul and wanted to marry him more than anything but he can’t. He needs to know for sure if Will is alive. He goes to see Ben as Chad and Abby rush out. Paul runs after Sonny. Chad and Abby go back inside.

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Paul and Sonny arrive at SPD and ask to speak with Ben. Sonny goes into the interrogation room. [Note: My feed was choppy from 1:50 onward til the end of the show.]

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