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Chad and Sonny toast their special day at the Kiriakis mansion. They each get texts.

Marlena picks up John and Paul from Mandalay. Paul receives a text and calls Sonny.

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Jenn helps Abigail dress at the church. Abs gets a text and tells Jenn Father Louis had an emergency and had to back out as their officiant. Abby calls Chad and they try to figure out what to do, as Sonny and Paul do the same on their call.

Episode # 13183Gabi sends Arianna off to pick flowers by the park while she flashes to letting Chad go. Eli shows up. She tells him the wedding will be difficult. She has Ari and Eli to cheer her. She drops a flower on her way to the church and someone picks it up.

Adrienne appears in the living room at the mansion. Sonny asks her to officiate, reminding her she was ordained online. Bonnie freaks out. She can’t do it! She worries she’ll make a mistake. Justin arrives and offers to do it himself. Sonny forgot he’s ordained. Chad makes a call as the rest file out.

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Back at the church, Paul worries about how he’ll get married without an officiant. Marlena tells Paul she’d offer but…”I know. It wouldn’t feel right,” Paul finishes. He goes to get ready and they seat themselves. Rafe sits with Nicole and they gush about how happy in love they are. Claire and Theo find Hope and hug her. Kate appears with Andre. She doesn’t see Lucas and worries if he’ll show up drunk. Victor and Maggie arrive. Brady listens as Maggie brings up Lucas’ drinking pushing him further into depression. Gabi helps Episode # 13183Arianna walk down the aisle as flower girl. Sonny walks with Justin and “Adrienne,” who stuffs herself in beside Victor in a pew, shoving everyone down and making them give her a side glance. John and Marlena walk Paul down the aisle and then Abigail appears and walks with Jenn and JJ. Justin begins the ceremony, explaining why he’s officiating.

Julie brings Doug into Club TBD. She tells him she bought it for him – with Chloe as her partner. Doug’s quiet as he looks around, which makes Julie wonder if she made a mistake. Doug asks for his first dance to be with his girl. As they dance, Julie swoons. He sings “I love you truly,” to her.

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Back at St. Luke’s, Justin talks about the happy couples and a man’s legs are shown as he walks in, unseen. Justin asks if there are any objections to the foursome getting married and the doors fly open. Julie and DougEpisode # 13183 burst in. There was trouble with the caterers. They apologize and are seated. They move on. Brady gets up and makes a speech about love being complicated but worth it. Andre takes the podium and talks about feeling pride of Chad and Abigail’s true love. Maggie gets up and Bonnie mumbles that Mickey must be rolling in his grave. Maggie talks about these precious second chances the foursome has been given in love. Paul and Sonny light the unity candle, as do Abigail and Chad. Paul starts his vows as John records them since his grandpa and mother couldn’t make it. Paul tears up. Sonny says his own vows. Marlena cries and Chad says, “Great. I’m gonna follow that?” Abby whips off her veil and starts her vows. She starts by saying she’s a planner but she doesn’t know what’s going to happen in the next ten minutes, let alone the next ten seconds. Suddenly, the doors fly open again and a man stands there. Everyone stares at him in shock.

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