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Episode # 13163Tripp finds Steve looking at a photo of his family and feels guilty. He turns to go but Steve refuses to abandon his son. “I love you. I always will,” he states. Tripp will miss his brother and he feels guilty. Steve reminds his son he didn’t cause any of that. Tripp knows he caused issues between Steve and Kayla and thinks he ought to leave Salem because of it. Steve thinks the Johnson men have a natural instinct to run when things get tough. He tells Tripp to stick it out. He wants his son in Salem and thinks Tripp will find a way to regain Kay’s trust. Tripp wants to donate his money to the hospital. Steve calls it a good gesture.

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At the hospital, Val and Kayla talk about the perfect surgery Val just performed. Val’s glad tEpisode # 13163o be busy, knowing Abe feels unjust and humiliated being locked up. Val feels bad when she remembers Joey’s locked up, too. Kay says they’re not allowing him phone calls right now. Kayla bemoans his fate, then opens up about her problems with Steve choosing his own son over theirs. Val listens and hugs her friend.

Theo stares at the news of his father’s incarceration when Claire finds him. He’s moody. He asks if she thinks Abe’s innocent. Claire says if Theo be believes in him that’s good enough for her. They consider bringing Tripp in to live with them. Theo reminds her Tripp hurt Joey’s family. Claire says there’s more to it than that. She points out that he appears jealous. Theo contradicts her.

Episode # 13163At SPD, Lani is hiding out working in the interrogation room. She’s trying hard not to punch Raines in the face. She can’t wait to catch him. JJ pulls out a picnic lunch, making Lani smile. She’s grateful for him, having had dated loads of frogs in the past. They don’t like how they got together so make up fun fantasies to tell people if they’re asked. They kiss.

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In Judge Thorpe’s chambers, Nicole states her case that she did everything she could to show she’s a good mother. That’s not what Thorpe heard. He heard she approached and held her kid at the town square. Brady, who didn’t know about this, denies it vehemently. Nicole admits it. She explains that the foster sister panicked when the baby cried which is why Nicole stepped in. She won’t apologize for loving her kid. Thorpe says it may have jeopardized her chance at getting Holly back. Brady starts pushing his weight around and Justin tells him to shut up, but points out that the foster sister is 12. Thorpe shuts them all up and asks Eric to give his testimony. He gives Nic a glowing one. Thorpe takes a break.

Episode # 13163Eric, Nicole and Brady walk to the park. She apologizes to Brady for keeping the truth from him. Eric fills his brother in on handling it. Brady’s thankful. He goes off. Eric relays how proud of her he is. Nic says being honest is new to her. She’s glad Eric’s her friend again. Eric says her friendship means the world to him.

Brady goes back to Thorpe’s office and threatens to destroy the man if he doesn’t give Holly back to Nicole. Thorpe has a conniption until Brady lets him know that he knows what the judge did for Deimos. He doesn’t even need proof. If he lets this out, he’ll ruin his career. Brady says Deimos is dead. There’s no reason he can’t return the baby to her. Thorpe reminds Brady that Nicole defied her court order. Brady says yeah, and Thorpe has done worse. He leaves the man to consider his options.Episode # 13163

Back at the park, Justin tells Nicole that Thorpe has made his decision.

Val arrives at the loft with food and calls it a celebration since she knows there’s going to be no evidence to prove Abe is guilty. When Claire leaves, Theo opens up about possibly being jealous of Tripp.

Claire calls her grandma from the park to tell her that her advice is paying off with regards to Theo.

Kayla arrives at the pub looking angry when she sees Tripp with Steve.

Everyone returns to court and Thorpe orders Holly back into her custody immediately. Nicole’s floored.

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