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At Salem Inn, Lani is in bed with JJ ranting about Eli recruiting her for the FBI, knowing that Abe was the man he was after. JJ knows there’s more to this. Lani’s pissed that Rafe and Hope are supposed to be his friends yet they’re digging dirt up on him. JJ suggests they work together to clear Abe – despite Raines telling them to stay out of it. They dress and decide to go to Myron.

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At Salem PD, Hope, Abe and Rafe can’t believe Raines is Dario’s silent partner. Raines walks in and asks what Abe’s doing out of his cell. Hope claims they wanted to question him again. Raines shrugs and tells her to suit herself. He goes and Hope calls Eli to tell him Raines is on the move. Eli leaves Val, while back at SPD, Hope goes to the interrogation room with Rafe and Abe and though this was all his idea, Abe hates leaving Val and Lani in the dark. It’s killing him that Theo doesn’t fully think he’s innocent. Rafe asks about his alliance with Eli and Abe flashes back to Eli telling Abe he knew Dario’s silent partner was commissioner Raines and that Abe agreed to flush out their rat after he heard how Raines was pressuring Lani to give up the silent partner. Val arrives. She gets time alone with Abe and complains about his arrest. Abe tries to defend Eli, which baffles Val further.

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At the Kiriakis mansion, Justin tells an upset Maggie that Abe shouldn’t have been arrested but will be out in the morning. Justin fills them in about getting back together with Adrienne. They’re thrown off. Maggie worries for Lucas and wonders at Adrienne’s sudden change of heart. Justin’s as surprised as they are. He says Adrienne is moving in tonight if they’re okay with it. They’re reluctantly on board. Justin goes and Maggie can’t get over how Adrienne would dump Lucas that way. Victor suggests the draw to Justin could have been too strong for her to resist, considering how much time they were spending together when Sonny was in jail. Maggie hopes Lucas doesn’t fall off the wagon.

After Anjelica dies on the sofa in Adrienne’s room at Salem Inn, Hattie and Bonnie are uncertain of what to do. Bonnie yells to do CPR but Hattie says, “I’m not a doctor. I just play one in Salem.” Hattie snipes that Bonnie stressed Anjelica out by “having sex with that Tom Cruise look-alike.” Bonnie wants to call the cops but Hattie doesn’t want to go back to Statesville. Lucas stirs and Bonnie tells Lucas to go “Night night.” He passes out again and Justin shows up at the door. Bonnie heads into the hall and Justin tells her everyone at the Kiriakis mansion is preparing for her move. She tells him she’ll meet him there. It takes some convincing and once he’s gone, Bonnie heads back inside and asks Hattie to take care of Anjelica. Later, Hattie has undressed Anj and throws her clothes around the room to make it look like a scene of seduction, before putting Anjelica in bed with Lucas.

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Eli follows Raines to TBD and watches as the commissioner heads inside and talks to Myron. Raines demands evidence leading to Carver as part of the counterfeiting scheme but Myron says that’s impossible. Raines asks if Myron heard about Abigail Deveraux’s accident. Myron nods. Raines threatens to make that happen to him. Myron gasps and catches on. “You were Dario’s silent partner?” Out of fear, Myron shakily agrees to create evidence to stick it to Abe. Outside, JJ and Lani find Eli. He whisper-yells at them to go. They refuse. Lani sneaks in when the men are arguing and when she sees Raines and Myron, she feigns looking for a drink. Myron goes off to the office while Raines accuses her of looking for leads on Abe’s case and threatens her job. She plays it cool, saying she’s not and takes off. Outside, the guys realize Lani has stepped inside. Eli has to force JJ to leave her in there. She returns and Eli orders them to follow him – fast.

At the park, Lani explains that Raines was questioning Myron and threatened her job. JJ asks why Eli was lurking outside. Eli tells them it’s none of their business but JJ puts two and two together and slowly realizes Raines is the silent partner.

Raines returns to SPD and Hope and Rafe tell him that Abe didn’t admit to anything. Unless new evidence comes up by morning, Abe’s going to walk. Raines hopes something comes up.

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Adrienne and Justin arrive at the mansion. Adrienne hugs Victor and thanks him for his hospitality. She’s looking forward to spending time with Maggie. It’s awkward.

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