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Episode # 13159Anjelica and Hattie are shocked to find Lucas passed out in Bonnie’s bed at Salem Inn. Anjelica asks if Bonnie’s lost her mind. Her “little roll in the hay” could cost them everything. Anjelica holds her hand to her head. She’s come down with one of her headaches. Bonnie suggests she cut back on gluten. Anjelica complains that Lucas must have noticed the differences in Bonnie’s body compared to Adrienne’s. Bonnie admits he did but she quickly distracted him. Bonnie isn’t sure she can live with herself after being the cause of Lucas falling off the wagon. She asks if getting Justin back really is worth this? Hattie says there’s always collateral. Anjelica calls Bonnie a moron and complains that Hattie is incompetent. Hattie and Bonnie don’t like how she’s treating them. They remind Anjelica that they could blow the whistle on her. Anjelica says if they do, they won’t get their revenge. Hattie says Roman doesn’t even want her. Bonnie says, “That Jon Bon Jovi was right. To your own self be true.” Anjelica corrects her. “That was Shakespeare.”dead-anjelica-days-nbc Anjelica thinks the rewards still outweigh the risks. Besides, if they blow the whistle, they’ll go back to Statesville and she’ll walk. Adrienne threatens to tell Justin everything and show him Adrienne’s bio. Hattie chips in that Hope will dust it for prints. Bonnie eggs Anjelica on and Anj tackles her. They struggle and Anjelica’s eyes widen. She falls to the sofa. Bonnie laughs, thinking she has given up but when Hattie feels for a pulse, she notices Anjelica has died!

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At Bayview Sanitarium, Marlena and John talk to each other through the vent adjoining each other’s rooms. Marlena says Hattie has changed and she can tell she’s working with someone else. They ponder if it was Stefano or Alex North. John can’t wait until they’re released. He’s going to hold Marlena and never let her go.

Episode # 13159At Horton Center, Eric and Jennifer discuss Lucas falling off the wagon as Eric hides his love letter to Nicole in his drawer. They feel helpless. Jenn doesn’t know how to help Lucas who was her rock when she was addicted to pain medication. They discuss Nicole and ponder about what’s going on with Marlena and Adrienne.

Gabi bumps into Nicole at the square and notices the blonde is upset. Nicole shakes it off and asks how Gabi is. Gabi breaks down crying and Nicole hugs her. Gabi shows Nicole a headline in the news about Abigail and Chad’s engagement. “This is how you found out?” Nicole asks. Gabi knows it’s not the end of the world but it still hurts. Nic reminds Gabi that she still has her little girl. Gabi agrees. The topic is changed to Deimos and Gabi’s glad he’s dead and hopes the murderer gets away with it.

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In the hospital, Abigail and Chad kiss and agree their “true love is back on course.”

At the Kiriakis mansion, Sonny and Paul discuss their vows and canoodle. Paul strokes Sonny’s back as Sonny asks if he can tell Marlena because of Will. Paul understands. They kiss. Sonny worries about Gabi, knowing that Chad and Abigail are engaged.

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Episode # 13159Gabi arrives at the hospital to give Abigail a get well card from Arianna. She apologizes when she sees Chad there but Abigail asks her to come in. Gabi gazes at Abby’s ring finger and Chad kicks himself for not telling her that he’s getting married again. Gabi says it’s fine. She already knew and also knows they’ll be very happy. She leaves and Abby asks Chad to go after her. He goes and Gabi tells him again that she’s fine. He’s sorry for hurting her. She says she did this to herself. It was clear he belonged with Abby. She asks him to let her deal with this in her own way so he goes. Sonny and Paul appear and tell her they’re engaged. She tears up, saying it’s great. She says it seems like everyone she knows is getting married. Paul freaks, feeling crappy that they didn’t consider her feelings. Sonny says it’s fine. He goes after Gabi and apologizes. She’s glad they’re happy. She feels alone. Sonny reminds her he’s her family. They reminisce about Arianna’s birth and bond. Gabi’s grateful for him. Meanwhile, Paul goes to Chad and Abigail to tell them about the engagement. They clap happily. Paul wants his dad to be his best man but he can’t find him. Sonny returns. He tells the room that Gabi’s going to be okay. They discuss wedding plans and Abby suggests a double wedding. They all laugh as Gabi walks by, sadly.

Nicole arrives at the Horton Center as Jennifer is on her way out. Nic hears her say she hopes things get less complicated for him and Nicole.

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