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Hope can’t believe they have to reopen Deimos’ murder case. Rafe comments that’s what happens when you get more than one suspect. They’re happy to be working it together. Rafe tells her that the cartel isn’t after Dario. The person driving that car that hit Abigail is probably his silent partner. Rafe’s ex-FBI and knows how it works but still wishes Eli would work with them. Hope has to talk him down, reminding him Eli wants to ensure his case is airtight. Hope assumes their person is a major player – someone they’d never suspect. When Raines pops up, they quickly change the topic. He asks if they got anywhere with Lani. They say they haven’t and he wanders off. Hope whispers that she’s not telling anyone about the silent partner.

At Mandalay, Theo and Abe look at Chad’s photo in the paper. Abe regrets trusting Theo to make his own judgements. “You broke the law,” Abe says incredulously. “For nothing.”  Abe bashes the DiMera’s and wishes Lexi was there to talk sense into their son. Theo stands up for himself. He’s a DiMera, and would do it again. He refuses to quit his job and leaves Abe stunned.

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At the DiMera mansion, Kate’s pissed Chad turned himself in. She blames Andre for telling Chad about the photo, knowing this would result. Andre did it to get Abby and Chad back together. They argue and Andre reminds Kate she’s been married for the 8th or 9th time to a man who doesn’t love her. He sees she’s hurt and apologizes. He’s sure Chad will be freed soon. She needs to talk to the board again. Andre offers to help but she says no – they think he’s mentally deranged! Andre reminds her she’ll be on the outside again once he divorces her. Kate realizes she has overplayed her hand and backpedals. Once Andre’s gone, Kate talks to the board and makes it look as though Andre’s not doing his job. Andre eavesdrops.

At the loft, Claire is stunned, reading about Chad as a suspect in the paper. She and Joe assume Sonny will be released. Joey feels sorry for Chad, thinking it must have been hard to come clean. Joe says he’s going to do the same. He admits he told Tripp the truth. Claire comments that Tripp left town but Joey still needs to own up to his sins.

Episode # 13151Steve finds Roman at the pub and worries he can’t fix his marital and family issues this time. He tells his brother-in-law that Tripp thought Kayla killed Ava and all that entailed. Roman says if Joey turns himself in, the authorities will know Steve perjured himself. Roman confides about how horrible it was watching Eric go to prison. Roman would have done the time himself. He thought it’d be the worst thing for his son but now thinks it was for the best.

At the hospital, Kayla reads a text from Steve and flashes to the first time she and Steve told Joey he had a half-brother. Tripp interrupts her thoughts to apologize for threatening her life. He says he deserves to go to prison. What he did was unforgivable. Kayla says she’s not pressing charges.

Episode # 13151

Lani finds Eli dining at the Martin House and tells him she doesn’t think she can work with him anymore. Eli has appreciated all her work but agrees. If she quits, she won’t get in more trouble with Raines. She seems disappointed. She goes and Val arrives. She shows Eli the baubles Abe bought her and Eli looks concerned.

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Joey approaches Steve and Roman at the pub and quits his job, then asks Steve to go with him to the police station so he can turn himself in. Tripp and Kayla wander in. They discuss their previous conversation and Kay asks them to go to family counselling.Episode # 13151

Lani arrives at SPD to tell Raines she quit working with Agent Grant. She apologizes for playing the daddy card, knowing her father wouldn’t pull rank if she was fired from the force.

Theo arrives at the loft bummed out. He tells Claire about his visit with his dad. He lets her comfort him.

Eli goes to Abe at Mandalay and talks about his mom’s earrings and jokes that Abe must have won the lottery. Abe doesn’t comment but asks if the case is over. He looks glum when he hears it’s not. Once Eli leaves, Abe whips out a stack of money.

Back at SPD, Hope gets a call from Lani. Eli needs to see them. Now. They rush to the park to meet him and he’s about to tell them who the silent partner is.

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