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Episode # 13148Tripp eavesdrops outside the loft as Kayla shouts to Steve that if Joey should go to jail, so should Tripp. Steve defends Tripp as Tripp runs off. Kayla snipes that what Tripp did was criminal. Steve yells, “He’s my son!” Kay howls back, “So is Joey – or have you forgotten that?” Steve says Joey’s soul is already in prison. Kayla blames Steve for all of this and says if Joe goes to prison, there’ll be no family.

Bonnie admires herself in the mirror until Anjelica drops by Salem Inn. Bonnie rolls around on the silk sheets. She can’t wait to get her hands on Victor Kiriakis’ bank account and wants to have a little fun with Lucas before she dumps him as Adrienne. She finds him hot. Anjelica gives her a binder with information on Adrienne and spells out her plan. Once Bonnie dumps Lucas as Adrienne, she’ll reunite with Justin, get back at Maggie, once she’s ensconced in the Kiriakis mansion, then dump Justin, thus breaking his heart so Anj can slither in and pick up the pieces. When Lucas arrives, Anjelica claims she was asking “Adrienne” for a truce. She goes and Bonnie makes out with Lucas. They stop and he suggests they elope. Bonnie gasps. “No. No.” She tells him it’s over between them. Lucas is dumbfounded and asks if the cancer is back. She says no, that her heart belongs to Justin.

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Episode # 13148 Theo runs into Claire at Mandalay. They’re glad Abby pulled through. Theo wishes he would have worked faster. Claire questions what he means but he has to go. Once he’s gone, Tripp pops over and say he’s leaving town. He confides that he is the one to set up Kayla. He explains why and Claire’s shocked. She tells him to apologize but he’s worried Kayla will send him to prison. Claire says that’d be “totally uncool.”

Maggie visits Abigail at the hospital until Chad brings Thomas in. She gives them space, telling them she loves them on her way out. He gives Abs Thomas’ stuffed elephant and jokes that it has healing properties. Abigail asks if he meant what he said before about loving her. He did and tells his ex he broke up with Gabi and wants to be with Abigail. “Because you’re my soul mate.” He says Gabi knew it was meant to be. “She told me not to screw it up.” Abby laughs. It sounds like something Gabi would say. Chad professes his love for Abs. She hopes that once she’s out of the hospital they can go away together. Chad says after he talks to SPD. Chad leaves and bumps into Theo, thanking him for getting rid of that damaging photo. He goes to talk to SPD and Theo delivers flowers to Abby.

At SPD, Raines orders Lani to tell him about the FBI case against Dario. She balks at that. It’s confidential. He reminds her she works for him. Lani takes umbrage with that and urges him to talk with Agent Grant. Raines gives her an ultimatum. “Tell me or you’re fired.” Lani plays the ‘my dad’s the mayor’ card. She doesn’t want to upset Abe. Raines snorts. “Message received.” He dismisses her as Chad walks in and turns himself in for the murder of Deimos.

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At the pub, Abe pushes a little black box across the table to Val. She thinks Episode # 13148he’s proposing but he isn’t. If he were, it’d be more romantic. Val’s embarrassed. She finds earrings inside the box. They’re a thank-you for her reminding him to trust Theo. Later, once the pub is closed, Steve follows Kayla inside. He tells her she was right, that he should have thought it through before bringing Ava’s son to Salem. Steve wants to focus on what’s best for Joe, saying they could cut a deal. Kayla thinks Steve will be arrested for obstruction of justice. She starts screaming at him and orders him out.

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