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Episode # 13147At the loft, Kayla flashes back to Joey revealing he’s the one who murdered Ava. Kayla and Steve try to process everything. Kayla asks Steve if Tripp plans to turn Joey in and Joey walks in and responds that he’ll turn himself in if Tripp hasn’t. The guilt and shame has only gotten worse. Kayla tries to talk him out of it to no avail. Joe goes to work and Kayla shouts at Steve, wondering why he didn’t say anything. Steve thinks this decision is up to Joe. Kayla and Steve sob. Kayla says if Steve thinks Joe should go to prison, so should Tripp.

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Justin visits Sonny at SPD. He says there’s no solid lead to prove Sonny didn’t kill Deimos. Sonny says, “Like another suspect?” Justin’s curiosity is piqued. Sonny admits Uncle Victor could be behind the murder. He relays Paul’s story and Justin’s incensed and won’t let Vic get away with it and curses. He brings up Adrienne who is beside herself with grief over their son being locked up for murder. Sonny hasn’t seen her struggle. Justin says she keeps it from her son and he can’t let it go on. Sonny asks if his dad’s still in love with his mom. Justin reluctantly admits he is.

At Statesville, Hattie tells Bonnie Lockhart she’s about to bust her out of prison. Bonnie’s excited to start living as Adrienne. They squee. Bonnie’s been trying to study up on her. She asks what Hattie’s done with Adrienne and learns Hattie’d never kill anyone. She’s in the trunk of her car. They laugh. Hattie will make the switch and Adrienne will wake up in prison. Bon Bon worries about Adrienne squawking but Hattie doesn’t think that’ll be a problem. She loves her friend but admits she has to know she’s a “colossal pain in the butt.” She whispers their plan. Later, Hattie finds her pal from the kitchen who helped Hope escape. She pays him off and acts seductive in order to get him to agree to leave the kitchen door open so Bonnie can escape.

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Brady paces the living room at the Kiriakis mansion, remembering Nicole promised that he could trust her. He gets himself into a lather and pours some whiskey. He doesn’t take a drink but is close when Paul catches him. Brady denies having taken a drink. Talk turns to Brady accusing Vic of framing Xander for murdering Deimos. Paul’s upset upon realizing that Victor says he never had the chance. Paul’s on his way out when he asks Brady if he really was drinking. Brady looks at Paul with contempt and denies it over and over and then finally comes clean with everything from thinking that Nic’s cheating with Eric to almost taking a drink. Paul thinks Brady’s jumping to conclusions and urges him to talk to his woman. Brady dumps the booze and Paul goes. When Brady calls the Horton Center, he learns neither Nicole nor Eric are there and jumps to more conclusions. He disconnects and smashes the glass.

At the Martin House, Nicole’s happy Eric rescued her and is glad they’re friends again. Eric tells her he thinks that any woman in the same situation would have disregarded the restraining order and went for their kid. Nic remembers him helping her when she lost EJ’s baby and credits him for getting her back on her feet. She regrets putting Eric through hell, then whines about not seeing her kid so Eric devises a plan to ask the foster mother if they can hang photos of Nicole over the baby’s crib so she’ll see her mama when she wakes up. They go to his room and she sits on the bed while he photographs her. They remember the first time he photographed her. She recalls being self-conscious. She still is. He takes three thousand photos and they bond. Afterward, she says goodbye and says she feels better after having talked with him. She’s sorry she’s asked him to keep it from Brady. She goes and Brady comes out of hiding.

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Paul goes to SPD to tell Justin and Sonny that Xander being a suspect is a dead end.

Hattie and Bonnie enter Adrienne’s room at Salem Inn. Bonnie’s thrilled she’s free and dances around with Hattie. “Bonnie Lockhart’s back in town!”

Back at the prison, a guard wakes Adrienne up. Adrienne’s confused and asks where she is. The guard calls her “Lockhart” and tells her she’s in Statesville, the place she’s been for the last ten years. Adrienne gasps, “What?”

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