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Rafe pounds on Eli’s door at the Martin House and demands to know the terms of Dario’s witness protection. Eli can’t disclose any information on the case so Rafe sneers and vows to find out on his own.

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Hope hears from Jennifer that Abigail pulled through surgery. She disconnects and John and Eric walk in and file a missing persons report on Marlena.

In the park, Hattie explains to Anjelica how she committed Marlena to the mental health facility. Anjelica needs Hattie’s help in getting rid of Adrienne now. Hattie notices John’s been sending her loads of emails. She laughingly says he’s acting like a stalker. Anjelica tells her to cut the ties with him but to do it lovingly. Hattie calls John just as Hope’s about to file the report. He notes that her voice sounds strange but brushes it off. He’s just happy to hear from her. They plan to meet.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Nicole tells Brady that Victor was stressed out about Sonny’s incarceration and they got into it and Victor hurt her with his callous words, insinuating she’d hurt Brady again. Maggie interrupts to tell them about her visit with Holly. She mentions that the foster mother took Holly to the square. Nicole takes off for the Horton Center and Maggie questions what’s going on with Brady. He’s tense and asks if Maggie will betray Nicole’s trust and tell her what happened between Eric and Nicole. Maggie refuses. He should ask them. Brady tells her he followed Nicole earlier. She snuck out to see Eric and he heard them discuss keeping a secret. Brady assumes Eric and Nicole had sex. Maggie thinks Brady needs an AA meeting, then goes off alone to leave a message to warn Nicole. Meanwhile, an angered Brady pours himself a glass of whiskey.

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Nicole arrives at the square. She disguises herself and spots Holly with her foster mother and a young woman. The mother goes to feed the parking meter and the baby cries. The kid doesn’t know what to do so Nicole Episode # 13146offers help. She picks the kid up and says, “Mommy’s here,” then sings to her until the foster mom returns. The woman recognizes Nic from somewhere. Just before she can realize where from, Eric strolls up and calls Nicole by another name and takes off with her.

Adrienne and Lucas bask in the afterglow of lovemaking at Salem Inn. He goes to shower. Anjelica calls, asking Adrienne for a meeting. Adrienne disconnects, looking perturbed.

John finds Hattie at the park off the square and embraces her, thinking she’s Marlena. He shows her some flowers he got her and she laces into him for leaving. He apologizes. He was worried about her when she didn’t contact him last night. Hattie assumes he couldn’t sleep and snipe that this is how she felt every time John left her. She smacks his arm. Episode # 13146She lies that she went for a drive and her phone died. She asks for a divorce. John almost falls over in shock and reminds her they’re not married so Hattie thinks fast and comments that they’ve been married and divorced so many times she lost count. She’ll move out then. John gawks at her and drops the flowers. He doesn’t believe this. “This isn’t you, Doc.” He begs her not to do this, then walks away, sadly.

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Anjelica orders lattes for her and Adrienne. She drugs Adrienne’s. Adrienne arrives and they argue about who the right woman is for Justin. “I’m sorry but Justin doesn’t go for the fire-breathing type,” Adrienne says. Adrienne sips her latte and they argue. Adrienne threatens to tell Justin that Anjelica’s after him. Anjelica says that’s fine. Adrienne starts to feel the effects of the drug as she stumbles her way out.

Rafe returns to SPD and tells Hope he’s going to Mexico to see if that drug lord is still after Dario. Hope has a fit. She’s afraid for him. He says nobody can keep him from her. They kiss and he takes off.

Episode # 13146Anjelica goes outside and finds Adrienne passed out on the park bench.  Hattie rushes up saying, “I think I deserve one of those Daytime Emmys for the way I handled John.”

Eric takes Nicole to the Martin House. He can’t believe she’d risk the restraining order. Somehow Nic doesn’t seem to think she has. She explains what happened and cries. Eric holds her. Upstairs, Hope goes to Eli to explain Rafe’s plan. Flabbergasted, Eli says she must stop him. He gives her a little info about Dario’s case, saying his partner isn’t someone in Mexico – they’re in Salem.

Lucas finds John in the square looking rough. He asks if he’s okay. John cryptically says he never saw it coming.

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