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In the square, John looks puzzled and flashes to finding Marlena’s discarded dressing gown and the upended strawberries & cream in the bedroom. He wonders where ‘Doc’ is.

In the park, Hattie sees John is calling Marlena’s phone and snickers that he’s being kicked to the curb. Anjelica appears and says, “Don’t even think about it.” Anjelica-Hattie-conspire-park-Days-JJShe snatches the phone and demands details about what happened. Hattie reports she had to think a little outside the box, but assures Anjelica that John Black didn’t see her. The blonde asks where Marlena’s at, and Hattie cringes. Anjelica is irked to hear she’s in Hattie’s car trunk, and after reminding her to focus on their goal, gives her forms to deliver, along with her ‘cargo’, to a facility outside of town.

Marlena awakens inside a car trunk and weakly bangs for help.

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At the SPD, Lucas admits to Adrienne that seeing her with Justin threw him off. He apologizes for being a jerk, but she says he’s the most wonderful man in the world. They’re smooching when Justin appears. Lani walks up and fills them in on Abigail. Lucas takes off. Adrienne and Justin visit with Sonny, who misses Arianna and is skeptical of his parents’ insistence that he’ll be out soon. After the cop takes Sonny away, Justin clasps Adrienne’s hands.

Kate-John-door-Days-JJAt the DiMera mansion, Andre informs Kate that the incriminating photo of Chad was deleted. Kate fills him in on Abigail’s hit-and-run. Andre frets and curses before heading the hospital. After, John comes to the door and tells Kate that Marlena’s missing. He describes the peculiar scene in the bedroom. Kate snarks that maybe she’s avoiding him, but then hopes he finds her and that everything’s okay.

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In the hospital, Gabi informs Chad that Abigail and Dario’s marriage wasn’t real – she married him so he wouldn’t be deported. Chad thinks it all makes sense, but questions why she’d go into Witness Protection with him. Andre appears – he has an urgent matter to discuss with Chad alone. In Abigail’s empty room, Jennifer breaks down in JJ’s arms as their loved one undergoes surgery. JJ joins Gabi in the waiting area and appreciates her positivity. Lani appears with Lucas and hugs JJ. Jenn embraces Lucas, who pledges his support. Jenn can’t imagine not having him in her life. Nearby, JJ vows to Lani he’ll find out why Abigail was planning to leave her son. He cries that she has to make it. Elsewhere, Andre informs Chad that Dario returned the night of the party and took a photo of him standing over Deimos’ body, which he used to blackmail Abigail into leaving with him. Andre is sorry, but it appears he murdered Deimos Kiriakis. Chad realizes Abby was giving up a life with her son to protect him. Andre reports that she came to him for help – Abigail was trying to stall Dario while he dealt with the incriminating photo. Chad hopes the photo will exonerate Sonny, but Andre informs him the photo is gone…thanks to Theo. Chad’s pissed he got Theo involved, and argues he won’t let Sonny take the blame. Andre urges him to focus on Abigail. Chad recalls telling her if she left she was dead to him, and sobs. In the waiting area, Lani leaves, and Gabi tells JJ and Jenn that Chad’s with Andre. Gabi goes to tell Andre and Chad that Abigail’s out of surgery and overhears Andre stating that Chad loves Abigail.

In the square, Justin reassures Adrienne he’ll get Sonny out. Adrienne-Justin-square-Days-JJAdrienne trusts him. She steps away to call Lucas, and Anjelica approaches Justin. He’s appalled when she announces she’s moving back to Salem, and wonders if her plans involve her telling an associate to ‘do their homework’. Anjelica accuses him of tailing her. She admits she was jealous of Adrienne before, but now she’s with Lucas. She wants them all to start fresh for Alexander’s sake. After, Adrienne is dismayed when Justin tells her Anjelica’s back.

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Marlena-Hattie-Dr-Ross-wheelchair-Days-JJAt a psychiatric facility, Marlena’s slumped in a wheelchair, and Hattie, posing as Dr. Marlena Evans, tells the doctor she’s admitting the patient with possible schizophrenia disorder. The doctor asks the patient’s name, and Hattie replies, “Hattie Adams.” She warns him the patient will try to convince him she’s Dr. Evans and suggests he keep her sedated.

Hattie reports her successful mission to Anjelica in the park, as Marlena’s phone lights up with another call from John.

In the square, John leaves another voicemail for Marlena, then wonders, “Where are you?”

In the facility, Marlena whimpers, “John, help,” as she lays on a table in a straitjacket.

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