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At the Kiriakis residence, Nicole stuffs a letter in her purse as Brady enters. He notices she’s been crying. Maggie appears, and reports that Tate had another nightmare. Brady exits and Nicole thanks the redhead for the photos of Holly. Brady-Nicole-cry-Days-NBCMaggie’s glad they help and praises Nicole’s handling of the situation. Talk turns to working at the center. Nicole reveals she forgave Eric. She tells Maggie she and Eric ‘saw’ Daniel when they were drugged and he wanted her to forgive him. Maggie understands it took time to get there. Nicole tells her about the letters in Eric’s desk, and reveals she’s worried how Brady will take this news. Maggie thinks he’ll be happy, but Nicole’s concerned he might take it as proof there’s still something there. Maggie advises her against keeping a secret. Nic doesn’t want to come between brothers. Maggie respects that. Brady hovers at the door as Nicole says there’s no reason for Brady to know what happened between her and Eric. Brady enters. Once alone with Nicole, she claims she was just upset about Holly earlier. Brady insists there is nothing she can’t share with him. Nicole knows, but keeps mum. Brady looks grim when they embrace.

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In Brady’s Pub, Roman asks Eric if he’s seen his mom. Eric-at-pub-Roman-Days-NBCEric hasn’t, and wonders if something’s wrong. Roman isn’t concerned, and brings up Nicole. Eric flashes to her forgiving him, and fills his father in on the development. Roman asks, “What next?” He brings up what happened the night of the party and warns about their history. Eric wants him to butt out, and snaps that she is with Brady now. Roman backs off and asks how things are with Jennifer.

At the SPD, Hope and Rafe tell JJ they can’t find Abigail and that the FBI set up Dario for the Witness Protection Program, but he never showed up.JJ-Hope-Raines-Rafe-SPD-Days-NBC JJ is alarmed to hear that Abigail was planning to go with him. Just then, Lt. Raines appears and reports that Abigail’s in the hospital – she was the victim of a hit-and-run. He adds that Dario also fled the scene. JJ takes off, but Raines keeps Hope and Rafe there to work on the case. Hope tells Rafe it’s fine; she may not be the one Jennifer needs to see right now. Rafe learns there’s no CCTV cameras where the hit-and-run occurred and all signs indicate it was intentional. He laments his brother’s at fault and worries he’s already dead. “I’ll probably never see him again.” After, Rafe gets a tip Dario may have been seen at the train station.

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In the DiMera parlor, Gabi tells Kate that Chad went looking for Abigail a couple of hours ago and she hasn’t heard from him since. Gabi relays that Dario was going into the Witness Protection Program and realizes Kate knew all about it. Kate rants about Abigail’s instability and says of her leaving, “This is a pattern with her.” Gabi’s more concerned about Chad’s pattern. She’s feeling insecure and describes how he ran out of there when she mentioned Abigail leaving town. Kate shrugs that Abigail’s the mother of his son – if Gabi plays her cards right that’s all she’ll ever be. Gabi worries Chad is with Abigail right now. Kate thinks Gabi is the anti-Abigail since she’s strong and stable, and urges her to call him.

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At the hospital, Abigail’s monitor goes off and the nurse closes the blinds so Chad can’t see into her room. Jennifer arrives and fills with dread as Chad breaks down. As Kayla works to revive Abby, Chad tells Jenn what happened. Chad-waiting-hospital-Days-NBCShe’s distressed to hear that Chad went after her because she was planning to leave with Dario. Jenn blurts, “Their marriage wasn’t even…” Chad wants clarification, but JJ appears. He blames Chad and Dario for what’s happened and warns DiMera if she dies, it’s on him. Jenn intervenes, and Kayla appears. She reports Abigail has internal hemorrhages and she recommends surgery despite the risks. Jenn signs the consent. Meanwhile, Chad gets a call from Gabi, and fills her in. She says she’s on her way and disconnects. Jennifer and JJ visit their unconscious family member. Jenn implores her to live, and JJ expresses his love. After, Abigail is wheeled past Chad, who kisses her cheek as she’s taken to surgery. Gabi appears and embraces him.

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