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At the Salem Police Department, Victor complains about Sonny’s handcuffs, and grumps that Justin’s not doing enough to free him. Victor-Sonny-spd-Days-JJHe asks what lead Paul’s following up, but Sonny’s not sure. They rehash whether Sonny could have killed Deimos. Victor declares he will not go down for murdering his worthless brother, and urges him not to worry about Titan. Sonny wants to know what Victor meant when he said there was no line he wouldn’t cross to help him. Vic insists he meant he’d pay for the best defense money can buy; nothing more ‘extreme’. They express their love.

In the square, John and Paul discuss Sonny taking the blame for killing Deimos. Paul gets heated about it, and John urges him to stay calm. He has a few ideas what Paul can do. After, John heads off, hoping Marlena will be happy to see him.

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In Marlena’s bedroom, she’s ready for romance, but is stunned to see Hattie appear. Hattie announces she wants her life. Marlena-Hattie-drugged-Days-JJThey spar verbally. Hattie wants Andre DiMera punished, and reflects that Marlena threw Roman away. It becomes apparent that Marlena’s been drugged. Hattie declares she’s going to spend the rest of her life with the man of her dreams – Roman. Marlena protests, and soon collapses. Hattie confirms she drugged her food, and notes Marlena’s had a good run, but this is ‘Hattie Time’. John arrives and calls out as Marlena loses consciousness. Later, John opens the bedroom door and squints. “What the hell?” He picks up Marlena’s discarded kaftan.

In the hospital, Steve stares intently at Tripp as he comments that it looks like whoever set up Kayla has won.

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Roman spots Kayla in Brady’s Pub and commiserates over her suspension. Steve enters with Tripp in tow and watches his son as he tells Kayla that Tripp’s been doing everything he can to find the person responsible – he’s proud of him. Kayla offers to continue helping Tripp, and Steve pointedly lists everything Kayla went through to build her medical career. Roman pulls Steve aside to say he’s worried about Joey, who’s feeling increasingly guilty about Ava. Meanwhile, Kayla compliments Tripp about how good he is with patients – he doesn’t have to like them. Tripp interjects, “Like you treated my mom?” Kayla nods; she’s very sorry he lost her. Tripp replies, “You don’t know what that means to me.” At the bar, Steve and Roman down a shot, and Steve declines to share what he’s thinking – he needs to handle this alone. Across the room, Kayla’s summoned to the hospital by Seth Burns. Steve eyeballs Tripp before leaving with his wife.

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Outside the Martin house, Abigail is struck by a car. Chad scrambles to her side, with Dario behind him. Chad shoves Dario and hollers at him to call an ambulance. Dario doesn’t have his phone, so Chad does it. Dario leans over Abigail fretting that this is his fault. He tells Chad the car was aiming at him. He screams that he has to leave or they’ll kill her. Dario tells Abby he loves her and begs her not to die before taking off. Chad holds Abigail and kisses her head. The paramedics arrive. Chad is told to stay and wait for the police, but refuses.

At the hospital, Seth Burns relays to Steve and Kayla that her former patient’s body was donated to the university and had the appropriate amount of medication in her bloodstream after all. Abigail-nurse-Days-JJA glitch in the system caused her troubles and she’s being reinstated. “As of this moment, you’re back on call.” Steve and Kayla embrace. Soon after, Abigail is brought in, and Chad appears. A cop asks Chad what he saw. Chad flashes to the scene. He says the headlights were in his eyes and Mr. Hernandez is gone. Chad thinks of hollering at Abigail to stay dead and cries as Kayla announces, “She’s coding!”

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Paul arrives at the police station, where Victor questions him about the lead. Paul cryptically says if things pan out, he’ll be the first to know. He adds whoever tried to pin this on Sonny will pay. Paul joins Sonny and hugs him. He won’t stop until he gets him out of there.

At home, Victor phones someone and tells them Sonny looks awful – he can’t let him stay there any longer. It’s time to give the police another suspect.

At the docks, Hattie drags a body bag toward a cargo box, and snarks that Marlena should have gone lighter on the strawberries and cream.

Steve returns to the pub and reports Kayla’s good news to Roman. Tripp overhears and smashes a vase of flowers. “She won’t get away with murdering my mom.”

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