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In Greece, somebody provides John and Paul footage of the night of the Halo drugging from Salem Inn. They get nowhere so want to see Xander. Xander’s brought in. They talk about Deimos’ murder and Xander heard Sonny did it. “I didn’t know he was man enough,” Xander says, smiling. Paul grabs the man and slams him up against the wall. He knows Xander did it. Xander asks how. They tell him about finding the Big Busty Bras Monthly magazine at the hotel but he argues everyone reads that. He brings up Victor’s name…

Hattie’s uncomfortable and whines as she pulls at her suit in Anjelica’s office. Anjelica suggests she get comfortable. They need to move on with the plan. Hattie whips out her psychology book that Anjelica gave her for memorizing. Hattie’s tired of this already but has the first page memorized. Anjelica quizzes her on the amygdala, and asks what she’d recommend to a patient who has anxiety. Hattie says, “I’d zap the dula with a gargantuan dose of diazepam.” Anjelica practically bangs her head on her desk at Hattie’s ignorance and explains Hattie needs to know this stuff because her first patient is at the prison. Hattie’s glad. She wants to look up an old buddy while she’s there. She goes and Anjelica looks at a photo of Justin, hoping they’ll be together again soon.

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Hope pulls Rafe into the interrogation room at SPD to tell him about Dario. Rafe’s upset. He thought their father’s imprisonment would be a wakeup call for his brother. Rafe should have known after Dario “pulled that stunt” with Abigail. Hope’s confused so Rafe spills the real reason Abby married his brother is so he wouldn’t be deported. Hope is angry that he kept this from her. Rafe didn’t want her involved. Hope assumes he’ll be deported now.

At TBD, Dario calls his silent partner and tells him Myron was called into the police but told thekate-upset-evidence-chad-murdered-deimos-days-nbcm nothing. Dario wants to speed up the plan. He disconnects as Chad waltzes in, wanting what the Hernandez stole from him. Dario’s arrogant  as he fidgets with his cell phone. “I wouldn’t threaten me,” he says through gritted teeth. He hints at knowing what Chad did. Chad’s puzzled but vows to get what Dario took from him. “All of it,” he says, as if using a double entendre. Dario grins, feeling untouchable. He pours himself a drink and relaxes until Hope and Rafe wander in. He offers them a drink on the house to celebrate their engagement but Rafe says they can’t. He pulls out cuffs. Dario laughs. Rafe starts reading his brother his rights.

At the DiMera mansion, Abigail lets Kate and Andre know about Dario’s “proof” that Chad killed Deimos. They ponder what the photo could mean and Abby goes on to tell them Dario’s now blackmailing her into staying married to him with it. Kate calls her husband a cold-calculating person. “And that’s her talking,” Andre says. Kate knows Dario could have handled his immigration problems alone – he didn’t need to marry Abby. “He just wanted you.” Abigail’s floored that Dario’s been lying to her. Andre makes a call for someone to come over.

theo-and-claire-hospital-argue-days-nbcTheo arrives at the hospital. Claire doesn’t want to talk but he isn’t there for her. He’s taking Val to lunch. Claire’s hurt that he forgave Val but not her. Claire knows he draped a cover on her when she fell asleep on the sofa. That means he still cares. Theo argues that he’s too afraid to get hurt. Marlena overhears and when Theo leaves, she comforts Claire with a hug and words of advice to stay Theo’s friend. Theo returns and Marlena leaves them alone. Claire agrees to become friends.

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Theo arrives at the DiMera mansion and Andre asks him to delete a specific photo from Dario’s phone and the cloud. Theo’s in. Abigail worries about Theo getting hurt but Andre will look out for him. Abby heads home, wishing Theo luck. Theo goes and Chad returns. He can tell something’s up. Theo didn’t say hello when they passed in the driveway. Kate shrugs his concerns off so he goes upstairs.

Hattie arrives at Statesville prison to visit an old friend – Bonnie Lockhart, (played by Judi Evans).

Episode # 13135Abigail arrives at TBD and sees Dario in cuffs. Dario tells her not to worry. He’ll be home for dinner. He tells them he can give them “way bigger fish” than him and Abigail looks sick.

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Kate has something major to tell Abigail.

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