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At the precinct, Hope looks over Stefano’s case files and becomes morose, thinking she almost lost everything. Rafe finds her and they talk about Sonny isn’t their man. Eli interrupts looking for Lani who is late for an appointment.

Under the sheets of JJ’s room at Martin House, Lani and JJ make love until Lani realizes she’s late for Eli. She rushes to dress and can’t find her shoe. JJ distracts her with kisses and then finally reveals he was hiding her shoe. She grabs it and runs, texting Eli on the way.

At TBD, Myron tells Dario their new batch of counterfeit money is perfect. Dario receives a call from his silent partner whom he asks to stop calling. He vows he’ll ‘deliver’ and disconnects when Gabi walks in. She’s moody after spending a sleepless night with Ari who had nightmares after seeing her daddy in jail. Dario knows it’s tough but also knows Sonny is innocent. He suggests JJ did it. Gabi is affronted, making her brother ask if she still has a thing for him. Gabi sighs. They’re over. That’s not what Dario heard so Gabi explains they shared a dance when they were high on Halo. Rafe arrives. He tells them they found a lead on a suspect but it didn’t pan out. They have breakfast and Rafe regales them with a 911 call they got when the pub ran out of clam chowder. They laugh and Gabi admits she loves when her brothers get along. They share a tender moment and Gabi tells them they’ll do it again, same time next week. Once she’s gone, Dario talks to his brother about making Abigail fall in love with him.

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Abigail paces at the Martin House as she flashes to Dario blackmailing her. Chad arrives. He thinks she’s avoiding him but she denies that. Did she confront Dario? Abby lies and says Dario knows Chad expects restitution. Chad can see she’s lying. He’s off to the police. Abigail begs him not to. She asks him to think of Gabi. He instead flashes to their faux vows. He hopes whomever she’s protecting is worth it. They share a lingering look and he goes downstairs, finding JJ in the parlor. JJ asks if he’s there bothering his sister. Chad explains they’ve unresolved issues. JJ puts Chad on notice making Chad annoyed. He goes.

kate-and-andre-argue-at-manse-days-nbcKate is thrown to find Andre babysitting Thomas in the great room at the DiMera mansion. He tells her the nanny had an emergency and then bitches about somebody hacking into DiMera and stealing from them. Kate reveals that Chad knows who the culprit is. Kate takes over feeding the kid as Andre raises his voice, telling Kate, “Spit it out, woman!” Kate doesn’t like his disrespect and tells him so, flinging some baby food in his face for good measure. Andre looks aghast but when he tastes it, he says it’s good. He asks if she wants a taste. He grabs the bowl and stirs the applesauce with glee. “Do you know how much this outfit cost?” Kate asks. He doesn’t care. He flings it at her blouse, giggling. Abigail walks in and they try not to laugh upon seeing how unimpressed Abby is with them having a food fight with her kid’s food. Kate takes the baby away and Andre apologizes. Abby says she’s not there to police their babysitting. She needs help and thinks Chad killed Deimos – according to Dario. Andre finds both that thought and Dario ridiculous. “He has proof enough to send him to prison for the rest of his life,” Abs says. Kate walks in and shouts, “No!”

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Back at SPD, Eli tells Hope a little about his new investigation and when he brings up Myron’s name, Hope is surprised and tells him what she knows about Myron. Lani arrives and Eli snaps at her for being late. Hope thinks Dario’s involved. Later, Myron’s brought in and Eli questions him about the theft. Myron claims he knows nothing so Lani plays good cop, trying to get him to give up his boss. Myron confesses it’s Dario and agrees to immunity if he gathers information for them. Myron goes and they tell Hope the news. Later, Rafe arrives and Hope prepares to tell him about his brother.

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Chad walks through the square and flashes to the faux vows he and Abigail shared, including the kiss. Gabi finds him. She questions where he’s been. He tells her about seeing Abigail but is careful not to mention Dario.

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