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John runs into Kate in Horton Square and the two trade barbs. John wonders where Marlena is because they were supposed to meet up. Kate suggests Marlena may have stood him up given how long he’s been gone, and maybe she’s left him for someone else. She walks off.

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Anjelica enters her hotel room and finds Marlena sitting at her desk. She was expecting her, and says together they will bring down Adrienne Kiriakis. The two bicker, and Marlena tells Anjelica she needs to calm her mood swings or people will think she has a bisexual disorder. Anjelica rolls her eyes and informs her it’s bipolar disorder. Anjelica realizes Hattie won’t be able to fool anyone if she keeps making these mistakes. Hattie hates playing Marlena, and asks if it is necessary. Anjelica says it is the only way she can get close to Andre and get revenge, and to snag Roman. First though Marlena needs to dump John. Hattie asks what is in this for her. Anjelica reveals she can have a second chance with Justin. She admits she’s never loved another man like she loved Justin. Hattie asks how she works into this plan. Anjelica sits her down to explain it all.

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At the Brady Pub, Justin promises Adrienne that he’ll get Sonny cleared and she needs to focus on running The Spectator. Adrienne wonders if her knight in shining armor had something to do with her and Jennifer getting that loan. Justin claims he didn’t, but Adrienne was referring to Lucas.

Lucas arrives at the DiMera mansion to see Chad. Chad informs Lucas that he knows who hacked them, and wants Lucas to issue a press release saying the company is safe and thriving. Lucas questions who the culprit is, but Chad can’t tell him because it would put someone else in danger. Kate arrives and learns Chad knows who hacked the company, but won’t name them. Kate demands to know who did it, but Chad won’t tell. Lucas wishes Chad luck with his mom and heads out. Kate figures out that Chad is protecting Abby, which means Dario was the hacker. Kate won’t let the company suffer just because he’s still pining for his ex. Kate leaves, and Chad calls and leaves a message with Abby asking how the situation is going.

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In their room, Abigail confronts Dario about being a money launderer and thief and shows him the proof on her laptop. She is disgusted that he’s been stealing from her son’s legacy and demands he return everything to Chad or else she’ll have him sent to prison. He warns her if she goes to the cops then Chad will end up in jail because Chad was the one who killed Deimos. Dario produces proof, a photo on his phone of Chad over Deimos’ body which he took the night of the party. He came to the party to surprise her and instead found this. Abby asks why he’s kept quiet about this. Dario admits Chad did them a favor, and the murder has kept the cops off his tale. She points out that Gabi wouldn’t forgive him if he sent Chad to prison. He admits Gabi loves Chad almost as much as Abby does. He suggests she forget about what she knows, because he Marlena-John-Paul-talk-Days-XJJwill take Chad down with him. Abby can’t believe she ever thought he was a good person. Dario tells her that if she gave him a chance that he could make her happy. He leaves her to think about things.

Back in the square, Marlena meets up with John and the two kiss. Paul rushes up and begs his dad to help him save Sonny. He needs John to go with him to Greece to prove Xander was able to escape from jail and then return. John agrees to help, for Sonny’s sake as well. Paul leaves them to talk, and Marlena understands why he needs to go. John promises to love her always and forever. He and Paul head off.

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Lucas-catches-Justin-Adrienne-Days-XJJ At the pub, Justin and Adrienne discuss Sonny’s case. Adrienne says even if Justin can get the charges dropped, she fears that Sonny may actually have killed Deimos. Adrienne realizes she has to get back to work, and hugs Justin goodbye. Lucas walks up and wonders what the hell is going on. Lucas accuses Justin of using Sonny’s situation to win Adrienne back. Adrienne breaks up their argument, and wishes both of them would grow up. She storms out and Lucas follows. Justin smiles.

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