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At the Brady’s pub, Steve tells Tripp he thinks Nurse Shelly is setting his wife up. Tripp admits he has heard Shelly badmouthing Kayla but he thought she was just letting off steam. He flashes back to changing Kayla’s patient charts.

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At Mandalay, Jennifer and Adrienne go over their financials for The Spectator, damning Anjelica. Mr. Helms (played by David Shatraw) shows up and they tell him that their newspaper sales are up 4% and ask for a loan to keep their paper running. He gives them the loan, they shake hands and take off. Justin appears and thanks Helms, saying he owes him one.Episode # 13131 “You know I had nothing to do with that,” Helms says. Justin beams, thinking his ex looked happy. Helms asks why Justin didn’t give her the money directly. He did but she turned him down. Helms is flabbergasted. Justin says it’s not all altruistic. He’s also happy to screw over Anjelica Deveraux.

Lani and JJ drink at SPD as Lani tells him about her new assignment working with Eli to monitor crime families. He tells her he’s moving into the Martin House and they celebrate. JJ sees Tripp nearby and they invite him over. Tripp and Lani bond over getting to know fathers that they didn’t grow up with. Talk turns to Kayla’s suspension. JJ knows she’d never harm a patient. Tripp flashes to screwing with her charts then disappears. JJ asks Lani to come over and see his “etchings,” and they run to his new pad.

Chad sees Dario in the park and Dario asks how things are going with Gabi. Episode # 13131Chad snaps to ask her himself. Dario gets it. Chad’s jealous that he couldn’t make Abigail happy but Dario can. Chad calls him petty, incompetent, a crook, and the worst role model to be around his son. “Sticks and stones,” Dario says, smirking. Chad shakes his head as Dario wanders away.

At TBD, Theo finds that Dario’s been hacking into major companies such as Countess Wilhelmina and DiMera Enterprises. Abigail realizes it was Myron. They hear Dario’s voice and have to hide. Dario enters, grabs some paperwork and leaves, so Theo checks Dario’s computer and grabs his thumb drive before they haul ass out of there.

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Episode # 13131Anjelica sidles up to Steve at the park. He asks why she’s bothering with The Spectator since she’s “filthy rich.” Anjelica wants to do what Adrienne did to her once, and take away something important to her. She admits it’s all about petty revenge and wants it run properly. Steve says, “You won’t have time for Bikram Yoga and your Botox regime.” Anjelica loses interest and takes off. Later, Theo and Abigail appear and look through the documents they copied. Abby’s not sure what to do with the information yet.

Adrienne and Jennifer run into Anjelica at the Brady’s pub. Anjelica calls it, “Musty, pedestrian, and provincial,” but sits herself down and tells Jenny she’s no Jack Deveraux and that neither lady can run a newspaper. They argue and Anjelica goes to take a call which pisses her off. “Looks like she’s got a case of the vapours,” Adrienne says, giggling. Anjelica returns to the table after hearing that they bought her out and tells them she’ll have the last laugh. Episode # 13131She leaves and when Justin and Steve arrive, they spill what just happened. Steve doesn’t think she’s finished with them yet and asks if Alex is taking classes. Adrienne says Alex never speaks to his mother. Adrienne calls him and learns he hasn’t spoken to her lately.

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Theo goes to Chad and tells him that Abigail’s in trouble. He spills everything they learned about Dario. Chad hugs his nephew and says he’ll help.

At the Martin House, Abigail calls Dario to meet her. Meanwhile, Lani and JJ burst into Room 6, his new room, and make love. Later, Chad goes to Room 2 and when Abby answers, he lays into her. He worries Dario will hurt her. She insists he won’t. Chad throws Ben in her face and then apologizes. Abs knows her ex doesn’t trust her judgement. They argue more before Chad leaves. Soon, Dario arrives and Abby informs him she knows all about his misdoings.

Steve arrives at the hospital and pays off an orderly to get information. He doesn’t get anywhere so calls Tripp to update him.

Chad returns home and takes out his wedding band.

Anjelica returns to her office and sees Marlena sitting in her chair.

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Dario has blackmail on his mind.

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