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Episode # 13130Abigail rushes into the DiMera mansion, desperate for Andre’s help. She tells him Dario has been counterfeiting money and asks how she can find out what else Dario’s up to. Andre suggests she just divorce him. She refuses. She doesn’t think Dario will let any harm come to her or Thomas. Andre knows the perfect computer hacker. Moments later, Theo appears. Abby gets cold feet, worried about exposing Theo to this. Andre says he’s trustworthy, and asks Theo to break into GDR files. Theo is apprehensive and asks if Abby’s in trouble. She insists she’s not so Theo agrees to help. Abby calls Dario and learns he and Myron will be busy the next few hours.

At SPD, Rafe tells Hope he broke the engagement news to his mother and she is happy for them. Hope’s surprised since Mama Hernandez  was never a “Rope” fan. They get back to work, wondering if Xander could have killed Deimos. Meanwhile, in the interrogation room, Paul and Sonny go back and forth about Sonny’s innocence.

Episode # 13130Marlena meets Justin in the park. He asks her to hypnotize Sonny. Marlena has time now.

Eli and Lani bump into each other at the Brady’s Pub, spilling coffee all over themselves. They utter many apologies and towel off. Lani snarks that it’s better than dumpster diving. Eli cocks an eyebrow. She explains the experience and adds that it’s helped her and JJ become closer than ever. Eli is glad to hear but it’s obvious that he’s sad for himself. He goes and Abe arrives. They talk shop. Lani wants to be promoted to lieutenant.

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Justin and Marlena arrive at SPD. Justin tells Sonny that Marlena can hypnotize him. They begin and Sonny recalls Deimos taunting Sonny with the amulet then removing it from his neck. Sonny wanted to go after him, but he wasn’t feeling well. The next thing he remembers is seeing Deimos dead and being afraid he would be in trouble. Marlena brings him back and apologizes to Justin, knowing this isn’t the outcome he wanted. She leaves and runs into Hope and Rafe, excited to see Hope wearing the huge diamond ring. She squeals and hugs them both, congratulating them on their engagement. Later, Hope gets the DNA results from Big Busty Bras Monthly magazine. There wasn’t one usable print. Rafe is sorry, knowing she was convinced Xander killed Deimos. Paul overhears. He questions them. They say Xander couldn’t Episode # 13130have done it because he’s still locked up. Paul makes a call to someone.

Eli meets his mom at the square. They catch up and he mentions that he keeps falling for women he can’t have. Val laughs when he tells her that Julie’s been trying to set him up, but she likes the idea. She’s also grateful her son is confiding in her. Eli gets a call about going on assignment. He leaves when Abe interrupts. Marlena appears. Val’s trying to sync their schedules so they can do another girls’ night out soon. Val goes to make a call and Abe says he’s glad Val’s making friends. He confides that he feels he’s betraying Lexi by moving on without her. Marlena encourages him to move on. That’s what Lexi would want.

Lani finds Eli in the park. Eli tells her that his boss at the FBI has found counterfeit money coming out of Salem and he was told he could have his pick of SPD officers to help him with the case. He wants her. She’s in.

Abigail and Theo break into TBD office. Theo immediately hacks into the system. “You are good,” Abigail comments. “Yes, I am,” Theo mutters. He finds some financial records and says he’ll copy them to a thumb drive so they can look at them later. Suddenly, he finds something.

Xander sits on his bunk in a cell in some Greek prison, reading Big Busty Bras Monthly.

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Theo helps Abigail figure out her husband’s secret.

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