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Dario finds Abigail eating breakfast at the Martin House dining room. He tries to give her a kiss and she yelps and moves back, almost giving herself whiplash. Jenn appears and a disappointed Dario goes on a run. Jenn can’t adjust to seeing her kid in a loveless marriage and asks her to reconsider the arrangement. Abby refuses and asks for support but Jenn wonders if Hernandez is really worth it.

At the hospital, Kayla and Steve give Tripp the MCAT study guide. He’s appreciative. She offers to help him study but he’s suddenly unsure being a doctor is right for him. Kayla is surprised since he’s so good with patients. She calls his empathy for patients a gift. Steve tells him to think on it. Kay says they’ll support him no matter what. Steve’s happy Kay and his son are closer. He runs off to Joey’s. Scott Mitchell, the Chairman of the hospital board appears. They’ve found another error in her charts with Mr. Sherman’s medication that may have contributed to his death. Kayla looks glum as Mitchell tells her she’s suspended with pay while they investigate. Kayla respects his decision and will help get someone to take over her duties. Mitchell goes and Tripp claims to be sorry.

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Jade meets Eric at the pub for a therapy session. She reveals he’s right, that she shouldn’t make any man the center of her universe. She’s going to spend the rest of her summer with her mom, cleaning her grandma’s cottage since she passed on. Eric’s glad to hear.

Nicole paces the square on a call with Mrs. Simmons about her work at the Horton center with Eric. Nic says things are working out fine. She’s doing well, just like the judge wanted. She flashes to something Eric said the night of the murder and calls him to meet.

Episode # 13128Jade goes to Joey at the loft to tell him her plan for the summer. Joey will always care for her but thinks this is for the best. She gets angry, feeling like she has given so much and yet he dumped her like yesterday’s news. She takes off. Steve arrives, fixes the icemaker and Joey mopes and admits he’s not inspired by school right now. Steve says to continue with school no matter what. Joey is jealous. He wishes he had direction like Tripp. He brings up murdering his brother’s mother and feels he’s not done paying for it yet. Steve’s glad his son is still in counselling. He knows it’ll get a little easier, eventually. Joe reveals that Jade’s leaving town. Steve’s glad. Joe is too though he’ll miss her.

Brady overhears Dario making honeymoon plans on his cell. He stops Dario and learns the Hernandez has married Abigail. Brady gets in Dario’s face and warns that he’d better ensure Abigail’s safe.

Nicole meets Eric at the pub. She remembered he said he “did a bad thing” the night they were trashed on Halo. Eric remembers and worries that he killed Deimos. They talk through the events of the night and NicoleEpisode # 13127 remembers kissing Daniel, but realizes it was Eric, considering Daniel’s been dead since January 6, 2016.

Dario returns to the Martin House and tries to reassure Jennifer when he overhears them discuss their marriage. Jenn takes off and Abby reveals her doubts about their marriage. Later, Abby overhears Dario on a call and sees him shove something under their bed upstairs. While he showers, she opens the bag to find stacks of cash.

Eric and Nicole move to his place at Martin House and Eric worries about kissing his brother’s girlfriend. Nic says they need to be honest about it.

In the square, Brady finds Jenn and they rant about Abigail marrying Dario. Talk turns to Jenn dating Eric and Jenn says that’s over and she’s done with relationships. She had her one true love in Jack and is grateful for that. Brady says she’s still young and has a lot to give.

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From the hospital, Kayla calls Steve and tells him she’s been suspended. Steve says he’ll be right over. They disconnect and Tripp looks in on her, seeing she’s close to tears. Steve arrives and she tells him what happened. Steve vows to fight it. She’ll be vindicated.

In the park, Jade talks to Tripp about leaving town and then brings up Kayla. She can see he’s not into bringing her down and almost blurts the truth. Tripp wonders what she’s not saying…

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