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Nicole and Brady are glad to be back at the Kiriakis mansion after their long ordeal. Brady’s only sorry that Holly’s not with them. Nicole tears up. Brady wants to get a place with her but for now, asks her not to go back to Daniel’s alone. She agrees to stay with him there even though Victor will go through the roof when he hears. “I’ll play the ‘I almost died’ card,” Brady says with a grin. They start smooching.

nancy-tries-reasoning-with-chloe-days-nbcChloe tries to calm Holly down at her Salem Inn room but the baby won’t stop crying. Nancy’s there and tries to help but it only makes Chloe more anxious. It irks Chloe that Nancy thinks the child misses Nicole. Chloe insists she’s the girl’s mother and she bonded with her once. It’ll happen again. Nancy’s not sold on that. She has to get back to New York and asks her daughter to return with her. She wants to babysit Holly while Chloe’s working. Chloe’s not interested. She heads to work.

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Jennifer bumps into Hope at the square where they talk about how Abigail’s rushing into this marriage with Dario and she’s not even divorced from Chad. Hope goes and Eric pops up. They agree to meet later.

At their new room at Martin House, Abigail packs for the Dominican Republic to get a quickie divorce while Dario notices that she’s putting on a brave face, trying not to appear worried about the castaways. He asks to go with her so they can marry right away and she looks at him as though he has two heads. Dario is concerned she won’t marry him when Chad returns. Abigail sighs and Dario apologizes for sounding jealous. They hug and Jenn knocks on the open door and walks in. Dario goes and Abigail gets Jenn to care for Thomas while she’s away getting her quickie divorce. Jenn’s upset about this and feels Dario can find another way to stay in the USA. She asks Abby to at least wait until Chad returns home. They argue and Jenn reminds her daughter that she loves Chad. Abigail loses it and yells that she’s sick of everyone saying so. She needs someone on her side or she’ll snap. Eventually they apologize to one another.

On the Greek island, Gabi and Chad prepare for bed and Gabi worries that they’ve only one flare left in the gun. This could be their only chance to be saved. Chad tries to reassure her. At least they’ll be together. He shoots off the flare. They talk about missing their kids and kiss, then pull each other’s clothes off.

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Hope arrives at TBD and watches Myron work. He closes all the windows on his browser quickly and she comments on it, then starts interrogating him until he takes off, giving her nothing. She heads out and Dario stops her. He doesn’t like that she’s been harassing Myron. Talk turns to Abigail and Dario snaps at her for being on “Team Chad.” Hope says this is about him and she’s putting him on notice to clean up his dealings. He goes inside and Myron asks if they should back off their bad deals for now since Hope’s on to them. Dario refuses and reassures Myron. He leaves and bumps into Jenn on the way out. Jenn tries to talk him out of marrying Abby, worried she’ll get hurt. Dario won’t hurt her. He’s in love with her.

Nicole rolls her eyes at Eric when he walks in on her and Brady kissing at the mansion. It’s awkward. Eric asks how his brother’s doing. Brady’s well. He received a fine and community service like Nicole. Eric says he’s there if Brady needs anything, causing Nicole to snipe that if Brady needs anything, he’ll go to her. She lets Eric know it’s impossible for her to forgive him. He gets it. He goes and Brady looks dysphoric. Nic and Brady argue about her lack of forgiveness. Nic takes off crying and a call for her comes in which upsets him. He says, “No. Hang on. That can’t happen.” Nic returns and apologizes for storming out. Brady’s sorry too. He tells her a call came in and her assignment for community service will be at the Horton Center with Eric. Nic’s not happy.

Eric finds Jenn at TBD. He opens up a little about seeing Nicole, earlier. She tells him she needs to be alone tonight and takes off, promising to call later.

Dario returns to Martin House. Abby has decided not to go to the Dominican Republic. She doesn’t feel good about ending her marriage without seeing Chad first. Dario looks crestfallen.

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