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On the Greek island, JJ and Chad drop their guns when Paul demands it, then he drops Sonny to the ground, where Sonny hits his head on a rock and bleeds copious amounts. The men face-off against Paul and are able to release the knife from his hand and Paul passes out. Gabi gets Sonny to his feet. Sonny dabs at Paul’s sweaty brow and begs him to come back to him, reminding him of their love. Paul flashes to everything that happened since the mosquito bite and magically comes to his senses. He passes out again. Back at the base, Eli and Lani discuss his decision to dump Gabi considering she and Chad are still in love. Lani mopes. She confides that she isn’t sure if she and JJ will make it since he’s all for taking things slowly. Eli calls that code for ‘non-committal’. Any guy in his right mind would be lucky to have her. JJ returns to base and Lani says they need to talk. She feels his distance and is concerned about them. JJ admits he’s pulling away out of fear of hurting her. They embrace.

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Steve breaks into Sebastian Howard’s office in New York City and finds Anjelica Deveraux there. She recognizes Steve.”Hey Patch, it’s been a long time.” Steve retorts, “Not long enough.” He asks what sort of bomb she’s planning on them this time. She rants about Adrienne poisoning her son against her and stealing her man, Justin. Steve snorts. Adrienne married Justin years ago and they’re not even together. She’s married to someone else. It’s ancient news. Anjelica asks, “Haven’t you heard? Revenge is a dish best served cold.” Steve smirks and asks when Sebastian Howard will be back. Anjelica sneers that she’s Sebastian Howard. She has a soft spot for The Spectator because she was Jack’s step-mother for a time and wants to own it. Steve finds it amusing that she married a serial killer and yet this is the biggest mistake she’s making. He takes off.

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At the loft, Claire demands Jade confess that she’s the one who recorded the sex tape of her and Theo. Joey’s incredulous. Claire explains she did it in order to help Claire get famous. Joey’s speechless. Finally, after everyone coaxes her to make it right, she owns up to her mistake. “It’s true.” But she insists her heart was in the right place. Claire doubts it, calling her a ‘sick puppy’, while Joey defends Jade to some degree. Jade starts to cry, saying she did it for friendship. Claire wants to hurl. She never liked Jade before and now, she hates her. Jade apologizes. Claire calls her names and keeps abusing her until Theo tells her to stop it. Jade explains she didn’t think sex had to be that private. Her friends send her photos of themselves in bed with their boyfriends all the time. Claire’s eyes bug out. Jade concludes she doesn’t know what love is and stomps home. Theo apologizes for accusing her of lying but Claire won’t accept it. He doesn’t trust her.

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Joey follows Jade to the park and she reels about what she did, wishing she could take it back. Joe tells her she needs to forgive herself. They’ve all done worse things. Joe feels bad because he acted annoyed when she fell for him but he sees now that he hurt her and he’s sorry.

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