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At the loft, Claire starts to panic after learning Theo left his laptop at the station. She’s concerned Abe will see the sex tape, but doesn’t tell Theo.

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At SPD, Abe and Hope accidentally find the video of Claire and Theo having sex. Abe goes temporarily blind and Hope begins to stammer, “I can’t…I…I don’t know…”

Episode # 13107Sonny and JJ search for Paul on the Greek island. They argue when JJ suggests they take him out if they can’t subdue him. “No way in hell,” Sonny retorts. He takes off. Chad returns to base with Gabi and they agree to discuss their relationship. Chad says he’ll always love Abigail but they need to deal with what’s going on now. Gabi’s worried about their future but confesses she loves him. Chad says he loves her. They kiss. Elsewhere, JJ and Sonny split up and Sonny finds Paul, sweaty and panting. Paul doesn’t know what’s wrong with him and he waves his knife around when Sonny gets close, offering to help. JJ returns to base and fills Chad and Gabi in on what happened so Chad runs off to find Sonny and Gabi and JJ discuss how ‘the universe keeps pulling’ Chad and Gabi together. JJ respects Abby’s choice to end her marriage but hopes this is really what Gabi wants. She assures him it is. Meanwhile, Sonny’s unable to talk Paul down and Paul grabs Sonny and holds the knife to his throat. Sonny tries talking him down again. Chad finds them and brandishes his gun. JJ and Gabi find them. Paul throws Sonny to the ground and Sonny hits his head on a rock. Blood is everywhere and Gabi screams.

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Episode # 13107Jade rants to Joey at the square that nothing ever goes right for her. Joe bites and asks what the pity party is about. Jade tried to get a job at the frozen yoghurt place but was told she wasn’t the right fit. She feels like a loser. Joe gets her ice cream. The decadent chocolate calms her down and Joe admits he’s proud that she is taking responsibility for herself. She’s hopeful she’ll get financial aid from the University and asks if he can get her a job at the pub. Joe doesn’t think that’s a good idea right now. Jade asks if it’s because he’s still in love with her. He denies it.

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Steve drops by Adrienne’s place to comfort her about Sonny being missing. Adrienne wants clearance from her oncologist to join the search but Steve doesn’t think Sonny would want that. Steve holds AJ as she nods and bursts into tears. To keep his sister’s mind occupied, Steve tells her how well things are going between him and Tripp, and that he’s heading to New York City today to investigate Sebastian Howard. Adrienne half-jokingly says she hopes she gets a family discount with her brother on the case.

Hope and Abe arrive at the loft, livid. They want answers about the sex tape they found on Theo’s laptop. Theo’s confounded. Claire lies that she doesn’t know anything about it but when pressed, she blurts that she knew about it but didn’t make it. Theo doesn’t believe her and runs outside with Abe on his heels. Hope demands answers so Claire tells her how it was Jade’s idea to ‘help’ her career. Claire’s disgusted. Hope hugs her, while outside, Theo assumes Claire made the video in order to gain more followers. Hope finds the men and Theo goes inside to talk to Claire while Abe’s sight returns. Inside, Theo isn’t sure he believes in Claire’s innocence. Jade and Joey arrive and Claire yells at Jade to come clean.

morgan-fairchild-first-look-days-nbcIn New York, Steve’s thrown out of some building by a security guard while looking for Sebastian Howard. He goes in search of another way in. He finds one and goes inside, finding Howard’s office and Anjelica Deveraux (played by Morgan Fairchild).

Back at SPD, Hope tells Abe she is sure that Jade was the mastermind behind the video, just like Claire said.

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