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At the loft, Claire is disappointed with the hits on her video and wonders aloud how desperate she is to become famous. Hope hope-advice-claire-days-nbcarrives and Claire tells her she misses Ciara’s advice. They discuss her stalled career. Hope is taken aback by Claire’s obsession with fame and warns it will leave her feeling empty and alone. Hope asks if she would give up her music if fame didn’t come. Claire says she wouldn’t, and thanks her for making a good point. Once alone, she plays her guitar and sings “Starless,” written by Genesee Nelson. Claire decides her grandma’s right – she’ll focus on writing songs. She picks up a device and says, “Goodbye stupid video.”

At the police station, Abe reassures Theo they’ll find the missing group from the Kiriakis jet. He mentions Ciara, and Theo worries that she left because of him, and his failed plan to set her up with his classmate. Abe predicts she’ll get over it, but Theo says the problem is she’s still in love with him. Abe asks if Theo loves Ciara. Theo loves Ciara as a friend but is in love with Claire. Abe cautions his son against getting too serious, but Theo explains they’re already committed.

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kate-wants-to-marry-andre-days-nbcIn the DiMera mansion, Kate demands to know if Andre is going to marry her or not. Andre complains about her badgering him – he was up all night worrying about Chad. Kate presses him to concern himself with the DiMera Enterprises vote. They rehash the board characterizing Andre as too unstable, and the need for her to become a DiMera. Andre wonders which ‘number’ husband he’ll be. Kate has a list somewhere and would have to look it up. Andre produces a pre-nup from the supply kept in the closet. Kate snatches it and announces there’ll be no sex. Andre counters, “No talking to me.” Harold is summoned to be a witness, and hopes he catches the bouquet.

At the hospital, Eric tells Brady there is no word on Nicole’s sentencing yet.

In the judge’s chambers, she informs Nicole she must pay for what she did, but jail time isn’t warranted. She sentences Nic to time served, a fine, and community service. Nicole and Chloe embrace. Justin pulls Nicole away to sign papers and warns her about pushing Chloe for visitation. Nicole makes it clear she won’t give up on her daughter, and he repeats his warning. Nicole says he’s right, but rejoins Chloe, who explains that Eric convinced her to testify. They agree they’ve hated being enemies. Chloe lets Nicole look at Holly but then quickly leaves. Justin holds Nicole as she cries. kate-andre-married-days-nbcLater, Kate arrives with Andre in Harold in tow and asks the judge to perform her marriage ceremony…right now. Campaign funding is mentioned and the judge begins, “We are gathered here today…” Andre mutters, “Holy crap.” Judge Duncan asks if they will honor and cherish each other. Kate says, “As long as the money keeps pouring in,” and Andre laughs and says, “Or until I don’t feel like it anymore.” They chuckle and are pronounced husband and wife. Andre tries to kiss Kate but she holds up her hand and he kisses it while she orders Harold to sign the papers. A ca ching money sound effect is heard.

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Nicole arrives in Brady’s hospital room as he grouches that Deimos should be behind bars, not Nic. She announces she’s free. Eric watches as they embrace. Nicole thanks Eric for influencing Chloe, but she doesn’t see things changing between them. Eric leaves. Brady tries to make a case for Nicole to forgive Eric after all he’s done, but Nicole only wants to talk about their future. Brady hopes they’ll get a third miracle.

Back at the Salem Inn, Chloe and her mother Nancy, (played by Patrika Darbo), exchange a glance when Parker asks when Holly will go back to Nicole. Nancy urges Chloe to do the right thing and give Holly back to her mother, and warns Nicole will never stop trying to get her child back.

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Theo returns to the loft, where Claire asks about Lani before updating him on her good talk with Hope and apologizing for being such a ‘poo’ lately. After he goes to his room, Claire calls Jade to tell her she deleted the sex tape, and is dismayed to hear there’s another copy. She hangs up angry at Jade as she learns it’s still on Theo’s laptop. After, Theo tells her she left his laptop with Abe so he could look at photos.

In Horton Square, Andre and Kate toast to her becoming CEO of DiMera Enterprises and to the beginning of a beautiful business relationship. “To Mr. and Mrs. Andre DiMera.” Justin overhears and declares it’s the end of the world. Andre chuckles that it’s just the beginning.

At the station, Hope joins Abe to look at photos on Theo’s laptop. They’re stunned when they discover the sex video of Theo and Claire.

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